December 4, 2014

Grey Sweater Club

This picture didn't happen, in real life.  However, I wish it did (or that it existed on the computer before I had to order Christmas cards)!

On the Mister:
Sweater: Gap, a gift | Jeans: thrifted | Ergo baby carrier: a gift | Ada: so very confused

On Ada:
Reflective collar with engraved buckle: Mimi Green 

On me: 
Glasses (they're purple!): Goggles4U | Dress: Lands End | Watch: Fossil

One of the many, many reasons that I love sweater dresses is that they are so incredibly stretchy.  This exact dress made it into last year's Fall Fashion Week.  It was cute and cozy and cowl-y and curve-fitting then, and it is all of those same things now...and there are certainly more curves to fit!  This is definitely one of those relatively rare times where major body changes lead to fun new stylings within the same wardrobe.

Have you ever had a time where a body changes led to you loving a garment even more than with its original fit?  

November 3, 2014

Sweater Weather

After a month away in a vastly different climate (seriously, October is *not* supposed to be 85 degrees!), I am super excited to be back home.  My school/professional obligations let me dig into some of my favorite dresses, and the weather is telling me it's time for boots and sweaters.

Dress: People Tree, via Modcloth | Sweater: thrifted | Boots: Merrell 

Tall leather boots and cozy wool sweaters, nubbly leggings and unstructured dresses...this is my favorite time of the year, clothes-wise!  (And a couple other ways, too.)

This was likely the last wear for quite some time of a favorite dress of mine -- the jersey material has surprisingly little give, which keeps its shape but means that I'm maxing out the skirt already and the neckline won't be nursing-compatible.  It's been fun to get some "one last time" wear out of things before I pack them away...and has definitely led to multiple episodes of dancing around the house singing my take on the Black Eyed Peas ("My bump, my bump my bump my bump, my bump my bump my bump, my lovely baby bump!")

...and I'll just leave you with that mental image.  =)  Anyone else loving sweater weather these days?

September 29, 2014

The Unintentional Capsule Wardrobe

This is my closet in its entirety right now:

It consists of: an entirely unnecessary lab coat, three pairs of pants (plus workout capris), one skirt, one formal dress (for a family wedding next weekend), three dressy-casual dresses, a long-sleeved sweater, two short-sleeved sweaters, two cardigans, a track jacket, two button-up blouses, a tunic blouse, three short-sleeved blouses, four or five casual tees, and four pairs of shoes (one not pictured), as well as necessary underbits.

While I have been continuing a slow closet purge, this capsule collection is still only a fraction of what I own and came about rather unintentionally -- I'm living and working in Texas for a month, and thus only have access to an abridged wardrobe.  Putting it together (the night before traveling, of course) was a bit stressful, trying to accommodate the necessary business casual dress code with Central Texas climate in garments I possessed...but I'm quite pleased with the end result: mostly neutrals (black, khaki, denim, chambray, cream), paired with light warms (mustard yellow, coral, rusty orange) and deep blues (cobalt, navy).

Dress: Old Navy

I've got to admit, the limited selection is actually quite refreshing.  I'm definitely the type to be overwhelmed with too many options; selecting the garments when packing initially felt constricting, but now paring it down so that I can literally see everything at once is very freeing in the morning.  

Getting comfortable with a substantially-limited clothes selection is important for more than just this month, too, because...well...

Yup, that's a baby bump!  I'm currently 16 weeks along and loving it.  About a week ago, I went from "Sure, I can probably get another couple weeks out of my pants" to "Haha, NOPE!" literally overnight.

I'm hoping to be more present these next 5+ months than I've been in the previous -- I think balancing a constantly-changing body with a limited closet will be a fun challenge, and of course there are belly photos to take!

Charlotte colored her hair, and I'm growing another person -- any big changes for you?  Do share!

September 28, 2014

Skirtember #4

Busy, busy weekend at our household!  On Saturday, we were lucky enough to attend TWO weddings.  Friends from church got married in the Chicago suburbs; they had a late morning/early reception wedding, so we were able to leave their reception early, drive back to Milwaukee, and catch our other friends' reception.  It was just perfect the way it worked out!  Our friends from the first wedding are Indian (groom) and Chinese-American (bride), so there were lots of cultural traditions and traditional dress.  (So many gorgeous saris.)  And our friends from the second wedding had a 14 piece band for the reception!  A lovely time was had by all.

Here is my double duty wedding attire...

Shirt:  Clothing swap
Skirt/shoes:  Goodwill
Hair clip (can't see it):  Kohls

How could I pass up on these $5 red pumps from Goodwill?!  I'm not used to wearing high heels though, so these were a challenge to wear throughout the day.  I brought flats to change into for dancing at the second reception!

My Sunday outfit was for church, grocery shopping and a low key lunch at Jordan's parents house.

Everything's a hand-me-down!  I found the boots (which are brown... I didn't realize the camera setting was still in black and white) in the costume bucket at my parent's house.  They could have been my mom's... or maybe my grandma's,  I really don't know.  But they don't seem quite that old.  

Skirtember is done?!  Whaaaaat?

... Or is it???

September 24, 2014

Skirtember #3

Better late than never!  I had a very late night on Sunday, which made for a sleepy Monday (and... uh... Tuesday, I guess).  I'm still playing catch-up from the weekend!

And what a weekend it was.  First, the weather couldn't make up its mind.  Sometimes, it was cloudy and rainy.  Sometimes, summer-like humidity.  The evenings got very chilly.  My Saturday outfit ended up being too warm, though my Sunday one worked out nicely.  Second, Jordan and I had adventures on Saturday - apple picking, then rushing up to the top of the US Bank building for the last 30 minutes of Doors Open Milwaukee - and I had adventures with a long-time friend on Sunday.  Hurrah for adventuring in dresses!

Dress:  Thrifted
Leggings:  Kohls
Socks:  a gift
Boots:  Merrell from REI

When I occasionally wore this dress to work (with jeans underneath it), one of my students called it my "little kid" dress, so these swings at the apple farm made for an ideal photo location!

Detail of the socks - my secret nerdy socks.
They're a Dalek!

Dress, scarf and tights:  hand-me-downs
Shirt:  Old Navy
Boots:  Target

On Sunday, my oldest friend and I went to the American Players Theater to see "The Importance of Being Earnest".  It's an outdoor theater, so I knew I wanted something cozy to wear.  Also, I wanted to chance to break out this sweater dress!  I like the top more than the bottom, but overall, I think it's pretty good.

Also, dun dun dunnnnn, I'm happy to debut my new hair color!  I'm loving it even more than I thought.

September 14, 2014

Skirtember #2

I'm back, with two more skirt/dress posts for everyone!  (And there was much rejoicing.)  This week in Wisconsin, temperatures plummeted for a few days.  High 40's, windy, cloudy, bleeecchh.  Luckily, it popped back up into the 60's over the weekend.  Not only did it make playing outside enjoyable, it made it much easier to consider wearing skirts!

On Saturday, I went geocaching with a friend.  It was tempting to wear jeans, considering the amount of outdoor exploring we'd be doing, but it stuck to my guns and tried to pick functional dress wear.

Dress & tights:  hand-me-downs
Jacket:  Forever 21
Boots:  Merrell from REI

Even though the dress and tights look fancy-ish, I didn't mind if they got mucked up, since they're hand-me-downs.

There were parts of this outfit I ended up liking more than I thought - the jacket with the dress, for instance.  It also looked cool if the jacket was buttoned up, which I've never tried before.  I didn't really like the boots and tights with the dress though.  I don't know if it's because I'm not a huge fan of black tights - they often look dowdy or formal - or if the dress hit my legs in a spot where it would look better with flats.  Anyway, this outfit got the job done - we found four geocaches!  Whee!

On Sunday, I went to a Packers party.  Jordan and I don't like watching football, but I thought I could dress in one of the team's colors as support anyway.

Sweater & scarf:  hand-me-downs
Dress:  Goodwill
Leggings:  Forever 21
Shoes:  Target

Does anyone else prefer leggings over tights?  I don't know why I find them much more comfortable.  Maybe it's the thicker fabric?  Anyway, I love these long leggings from Forever 21.  My other pairs are mid-calf and thin, which isn't ideal for most outfits.

Two down, two to go!

September 7, 2014

Skirtember #1

Last year, I participated in Skirtember on my regular blog space, The Daily Snapshot.  I got all amped up to do it again this year... only I find that no one else seems to be participating.  (Except Bombasine.  Howdy!)  Well, if I make a plan, I like to stick with it, so I'm going to venture on my own skirt/dress adventure throughout the month!

For various reasons, I can't wear skirts or dresses to work, so I made it my goal to wear them on the weekends, though I've already gotten off on a shaky start.  I ended up in jeans all Saturday, even though I had plans to dress up to go out with friends in the evening.  But after a long bike ride late into the day, and an unplanned stop or two (*cough* distillery tour *cough*), I couldn't muster up the energy to go out (sorry Ali!).

I still squeezed in two Skirtember outfits though!

An unintentional shot!
I really was typing a note into my phone, and my husband snapped the picture.

I wore this outfit out for drinks with my husband on Friday night, and then to church on Sunday.  (It was the one I was going to wear if I went out on Saturday.)
It's still a little too hot during the day to wear tights; it's more needed in the evenings.

Dress:  gift from my husband
Tights:  Target
Boots:  hand-me-down
Bracelet:  Amazon

Trying to get a detailed shot of my boots, tights and bracelet...
The bracelet is hard to see, but it's Harry Potter themed!
It has owls, a Snitch and the Deathly Hallows on it.

Details of the dress.
It was a perfect gift from my husband, who works in the cycling industry.

 I wore this more casual outfit on Sunday for hanging out at the house, taking the dog to the dog park, etc.

T-shirt and tank top:  hand-me-downs
Skirt:  Forever 21
Shoes:  Goodwill

Wanna join in Skirtember?  Make a girl feel not so lonely?

August 27, 2014

The Doctor is In

You guys -- it's exactly a year later, and I *still* LOVE this job.  Even more so now, knowing more clearly what I want to be when I grow up.

I realize it's probably not so flattering, but today is the first day my hair's been long enough to twist up and have it stay all day and this is SO EXCITING.  I'm pretty much in constant flip-flop with my hair -- I have bangs but pin'em back half the time, I've been rocking the short choppy bob for a year and a half but have decided to grow it out (but watch, I'll probably get bored again and chop it in six months, that's my standard MO).

I still think it's kind of odd that I own this skirt.  It's such a traditional, preppy kind of pattern and doesn't really feel like me.  That said, it's gotten more wear than any other work skirt this summer and it contains most of my current favorite clothes colors (navy, brown, mustard, periwinkle/chambray, white) so it works with about half my wardrobe and I haven't repeated any outfits on it yet.

That face.  I *always* make that face in a photo shoot.  Complete with the leg thing (weight on the left, swing the leg from standing over to crossed at the ankle).  Keeping it real, friends...

August 1, 2014

Strong Work

"Strong work," for the uninitiated, is the ultimate compliment in medical training.  It is a commendation I have only received twice, both in this past month at our county medical center & teaching hospital.  The first time was probably related to clinical knowledge or skill.  The second was today, for my participation in the institution's time-honored tradition:

Bow-tie Fridays.

Borrowed from my mister, but hand-tied (on the first try!) all by myself, thank you very much.

Bow-ties are cool.

July 15, 2014

Open mouth, insert foot

I remember when I first saw them.

Jordan and I were on our honeymoon in Scotland.  We had some time to kill at a bus station in Edinburgh.  Thankfully, the station was next to a coffee shop, which lent itself perfectly for people-watching, one of our favorite activities.  Jordan and I snorted into our lattes at the fashion-forward girls, in their loose blouses and leggings.

"Don't they know leggings aren't pants?  That they're meant to be worn underneath dresses and skirts?" we whispered to each others.  I would never be so foolish as to make such a ridiculous fashion choice!

Well, laugh it up, me from the past.  Because this summer, I've joined their ranks.

Shirt:  Goodwill
Belt:  H&M
Leggings:  Kohl's
Sandals:  Hand-me-downs

Now, in my defense, this shirt is long enough to cover my butt.  And while this style choice may be six years behind, it's so darn comfy!  I mean, the shirt is like a big, loose night-shirt!  And leggings have so much stretch.

So, my apologies to the girls of Edinburgh.  I'm sorry it's taken me so long to see the light.  (Though I still would never wear a short shirt with leggings!)

Have you ever worn an item of clothing you swore you wouldn't?

June 15, 2014

Sprummer Day 7 -- Feeling French

I've got to say, I love a classic Breton stripe.  I've managed to restrain myself to two thus far, but only because I want them to be appreciably different from each other.  This breezy, lightweight sweater is definitely the more fun one, and just right for a springtime Sunday.

In addition to the stripes, rocking the crops with ankle-strap sandals makes me feel oh-so-French.  Je ne sais pas si les vetements sont vraiment francais, et bien sur j'ai oublie beaucoup des mots, mais... =)

Sweater: Kohl's | Pants: thrifted and DIY cropped | Sandals: Chinese Laundry, thrifted

Oh, and I promised that I'd be debuting my favorite new accessory.  The thing I just can't leave the house without these days hair!  All over everything!

While that's not a perk, the new four-legged family member certainly is.  Her name is Ada, she's about two years old and a mutt of unknown origin, and whenever she's not sleeping she's looking at me like this:

No joke.  All. The. Time.  (Not that I'm complaining -- this puppy is very good for our egos!)

It's been another lovely fashion week -- much thanks to Deanna & Joanna for hosting! -- 

June 14, 2014

Sprummer Day 6 -- Pseudo Summer Camp

Such fun thus far for sprummer fashion week!  I really like seeing everyone in their warm-weather best.  Today, here at Phenofab we're living up casual Saturday.  No professional dress, no obligations, just some grocery shopping and enjoying the beautiful day outside.

Shirt: Colombia, thrifted | Shorts: Eddie Bauer, thrifted | Shoes: Merrell, via eBay 

The combination of the button-up with rolled sleeves (it's one with fancy sun protection, too, which is awesome 'cuz I sunburn just thinking about going outside) paired with shorts, moccasins, and a ponytail (it's runty, but it's there!) makes me feel like a summer camp counselor.

My shoes are part of Merrell's barefoot line.  I've been intentionally working toward minimal footwear for over a year, you've got to have your foot strong enough to not hurt yourself, but I *love* them.  It's like wearing jazz dance slippers, they fit my feet like a second skin.  Plus, I can feel everything -- did you know that 25% of the muscles and bones in your body are from your ankle down?  And that the palms of your hands and soles of your feet have the most nerve endings per surface area?  That's a ton of information about the world you're interacting with that you're just not getting if you're wearing stiff shoes all the time!  =)

You know the drill -- head over to Delirious Rhapsody, drop your thanks to Deanna and cheer on everyone participating!

June 13, 2014

Sprummer Day 5 -- Playing Favorites

If this dress came from a furniture store, it would be IKEA.  Because of that, it's one of my favorites.

Okay, that makes no sense.  Let me explain: in solely an aesthetic sense (quality is something else entirely), IKEA -- & Scandinavian design in general -- rocks my world.  Not everything is a hit, far from it, but the combination of form-is-function minimalism, elegant classic lines, and sweet, primary-colored traditional motifs is totally my jam.

 Dress: Old Navy, thrifted | There-might-be-dancing shoes: Aerosoles

So this dress -- with its white-yellow-red-orange tulips and breezy shirtdress shape, in seriously-I-can't-turn-down-navy-blue -- is pushing all the right buttons for me.  It's also just right in so many occasions; last summer's wine tasting to this spring's Easter, working at the clinic to exams on campus.

Oh, and these are my "there-might-be-dancing" shoes -- originally purchased for our wedding, and re-soled with hard leather on the bottom suitable for swing dancing in street-shoe-acceptable venues.  They made good on their name when last worn on Easter, as our worship band did a rollicking gospel blues rendition of "Wake Up, O Sleeper" that had our congregation literally dancing in the aisles.

Dance yourself over to see everyone that has got it going on down at the fashion week extravaganza!

June 12, 2014

Sprummer Day 4 -- Proportion Play

The clinic where I've been working lately has a no-white-coats rule, and I've got to say, I really like it.  It means that rather than just trying to look professional, it's worth it to put some effort into dressing cute, because it's actually visible.  It also means I get to wear things, like this majorly-dolman-sleeved sweater, that simply wouldn't work worn under a lab coat.

Sweater: thrifted | Pants: thrifted | Sandals: Chinese Landry, thrifted | Necklace: gift

I can never figure out what color this sweater is (disclosure: I'm slightly colorblind).  Is it grey?  Lavender?  A kind of putty-taupe?  No idea.  It does go well with the wall, though.

This is a new type of silhouette for me.  It doesn't do the things I'm used to or address my usual style priorities.  It's fun, though, to push those boundaries a little, to play with proportion and shape and emphasis in ways that differ from my MO.

You know the drill...Sprummer Fashion Week!  Let's go give everybody some love.  =)

June 11, 2014

Sprummer Day 3 -- Junebug Redux

Not much to say here.  This was a church outfit; somehow, I feel like I can get away with a slightly higher hemline there than at work (medicine is soooooo conservative!).  

Blouse: Kohl's | Skirt: vintage Talbot's, thrifted | Sandals: Chinese Laundry, thrifted 

This skirt is so happy-making.  I love the bright color, the ladybugs, the sketched, doodle-y appearance.  I like the texture on the blouse, too -- embroidered cutouts up top, and a slubby linen knit for the rest.  Breezy and summery in black, yes please!  

Derpy face, but you get to see the embroidery texture a little better...

Join me for the party that is Sprummer Fashion Week over at Deanna's place!

June 10, 2014

Sprummer Day 2 - Commencing

My original medical school class graduated recently(!) -- of course I went, wouldn't have missed it for anything.  This is what I wore:

Cardigan: Target | Tunic: Kohl's | Jeans: thrifted | Shoes: Crocs  

The school colors are dark blue & white, but matching them was serendipitous rather than intentional -- I just tend to wear a lot of navy.

I really like the shirttail hem on this tunic -- I like the length in the front and back, with the higher sides allowing a flattering continuation of the visual leg line.  I am also nearly a month into the bangs and still liking them -- takes a touch more work in the morning to brush them out (compared to my normal "I do nothing to it" hair routine), but for relatively minimal effort I get a much more polished look.  I'm looking forward to the rest of my hair growing out a bit so I can do the braid-&-bangs combo I'm aiming for.

It was awesome to go to my [old] class's graduation.  I sat with some other classmates who had added an extra year -- for medical reasons, research, public health study, what-have-you -- and we ended up being right on the aisle that all the medical-students-commencing-to-be-doctors processed down during the entry.  Half the class stopped and hugged us, causing major traffic jams =) and it was SO COOL to remember being strangers four years ago and now see them on the verge of being doctors.  It wasn't bittersweet, either, because I still feel like I need at least a year of school yet; it was exciting to look forward to our ceremony next year, but purely, 100% happiness and celebration for the 2014s.

Any big celebrations your way recently?  If nothing else, you should go join the party for the Sprummer Fashion Week!

June 9, 2014

Sprummer Day 1 - Broken Promises

At the end of 2013, I made a New Year's resolution not to acquire any new clothes (with a few important exceptions).  While I keep my word faithfully and hold promises in high regard, I broke this resolution in April and feel absolutely no remorse.

Allow me to introduce Greta:

A friend invited me on a thrifting excursion and I said yes -- "for the social outing" -- which I *knew* was a tricky, tempting situation to put myself in.  I did well, SO well, trying things on for fun and playing with how things looked on my body with no expectation for purchase...basically, dress-up with a good friend.  Of course, I had to go and grab this at the end of the day; the folksy navy-and-white pattern (totally me!) caught my eye; when I touched it the airy, silky cotton, I knew I had to try it on.  And when I tried it on...

Okay, it took a little work -- repositioning straps, shortening the hem -- but the fit is spot-on and look at the twirl factor!  Plus, it even has a built-in bra.  (Not enough to go jogging in or anything, but adequate for a wedding reception dance party in a non-Lindy crowd.)  The mister approves of the, um, torso fittage, and I feel both utterly lascivious and totally girl-next-door.  If my hair were long enough, I'd put it in milkmaid braids...and then model for pinups.  (Again.  I was Miss July, once upon a time.)  Hence, Greta -- mostly sweetness and simplicity, with a touch of va-va-voom.

(Lest Joan and Greta make you think otherwise -- no, I don't name all my dresses.  Only certain ones, that are really worth it.  Besides, they really name themselves.)

Hair disheveled post-spin, sidelong glances and oh-so-pleased-with-myself I look even remotely sorry?  Yeah, I'm totally not.  And I am perfectly okay with that.  Consider that resolution well and truly broken, with pleasure.

Go to Deanna's and play along with the fun!