December 4, 2014

Grey Sweater Club

This picture didn't happen, in real life.  However, I wish it did (or that it existed on the computer before I had to order Christmas cards)!

On the Mister:
Sweater: Gap, a gift | Jeans: thrifted | Ergo baby carrier: a gift | Ada: so very confused

On Ada:
Reflective collar with engraved buckle: Mimi Green 

On me: 
Glasses (they're purple!): Goggles4U | Dress: Lands End | Watch: Fossil

One of the many, many reasons that I love sweater dresses is that they are so incredibly stretchy.  This exact dress made it into last year's Fall Fashion Week.  It was cute and cozy and cowl-y and curve-fitting then, and it is all of those same things now...and there are certainly more curves to fit!  This is definitely one of those relatively rare times where major body changes lead to fun new stylings within the same wardrobe.

Have you ever had a time where a body changes led to you loving a garment even more than with its original fit?  

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