April 26, 2013

Spring Fashion Week - Friday

Aw shuck, gals, it's been another lovely fashion week.  Not going to lie, I'm already looking forward to the next one...

Dress: Shabby Apple | Plaid shirt: thrifted | Shoes: Target

I missed yesterday and scrambled for today because of final exams -- but now, done!  My didactic education is over!  There's the board exam, and then I'm out on the wards for clinical rotations -- I'm halfway through medical school!

Yeah...wish I actually felt that exuberant.  Leaving my last exam, a professor asked if I had anything fun planned, quickly followed with "Do you even remember what fun is?"  My gut response was "Well, I know what sleep is, and these days they're about the same..."

Thanks again to Deanna at Delirious Rhapsody for hosting this fashion week!  You gals are the best.

April 24, 2013

Spring Fashion Week - Wednesday

This is not the picture I was hoping to open with.  The first photo I was intending to share today is a "before" shot, of what these pants looked like when I first got them.  However, in the month since they've gone under the knife needle, said photo has gone MIA -- not on the memory card, not on the computer...Alas, you'll just have to imagine these pants -- these very same pants! -- as unflatteringly middlingly-wide-legged, dragging on the floor, and saggy in the crotch.  Why ever would I intentionally pay money for such unappealing pants, you ask?  Three reasons: first, they fit my hips, waist, and thighs really well -- and when you have a remarkable size difference between your waist and your rear end, finding pants that fit without gaps is far easier said than done; second, they were $1; and third, even though they're a marginally-embarrassing old-lady brand, I knew was reasonably certain was deluded into thinking that I could make them hip (and look much better than the currently-hip-brands-which-don't-actually-fit-my-hips).


BAM.  "After" photo.  Slimmed 'em up, cropped them, and took out all the weird baggy crotch business.  (Seriously, old-lady crotch pants?  What is your deal?)  This is my first wearable project since acquiring my favorite toy, and even though it's just a refashion rather than a made-from-scratch, I am SO excited.  Thrifting is already my favorite hobby these days -- imagine the potential when you can take something with just a few redeeming qualities and turn it into exactly what you wanted!  And now, I have professional-able cropped trousers, for $1 and an hour of my time. 

Today was a professional-dress day -- not for the two exams (one of which actually necessitated gym clothes), but because I was once again interviewing prospective students.  While I remember only too well the anxiety and heartache and desperation of that time in my life, I can't deny the thrill of the power of sitting on the other side of the table.  I feel kind of like an unlovable game show host ("You are the weakest link -- goodbye!")...and I like it.

Blouse: Anthropologie, thrifted (on this visit with Rachael!) | Pants: thrifted & redone by yours truly | Shoes: Fluevog, via eBay | Watch: Fossil | Sunglasses: Publix

That's right...I wear your grand dad ma's clothes, I look in-cre-di-ble, and I have probably more influence than you would prefer on the future of your career at this school.  Never mind that I'm wearing heels, pearls, and a lacy ruffled blouse -- I feel like a BAMF.

So...Spring Fashion Week, anyone?

April 23, 2013

Spring Fashion Week - Tuesday

So, this is basically a love letter to my green pants.

My green pants are amazing.  They're ever-so-slightly loose, wearing a bit more like trousers or sweatpants than jeans.  They are corduroy, which immediately ups the awesome factor.  And they are this delightful neon-apple green that never fails to make me smile.  Watch out, world, katie has green pants.

I also really like this sweater -- it's such a lovely chunky open-knit lace, and *exactly* my skin tone.  A sweet feminine touch, which is an amusing contrast to the oh-so-bold green pants. 

Tank: Target | Sweater: Anthropologie, thrifted | GREEN PANTS: thrifted | Necklaces: birthday gift from the mister (black), Kohls (turquoise) | Sandals: Kalso Earth

Does that one look overly senior-picture-y to anyone else?  It's okay; if I'd had my green pants then, I totally would have done my senior portraits in them.  Also, apparently I spend so much time in the hunched-over-studying posture that I am physically incapable of relaxing my shoulders anymore.  It's okay, trapezius muscles, you can chill out, there's a fence there holding you up.   

Curly hair!  And a far more realistically-katie facial expression.

If Spring Fashion Week is what brought you here, thanks for stopping by!  Now, go check out what everyone else is up to.

April 22, 2013

Spring Fashion Week - Monday

Another day of Spring Fashion Week!  First, can I just say that I'm really, really happy with the picture below?  The warm woods, the art on the walls layered for depth (even in the reflection!), the cool lighting that makes it look like old film from the 70s...I like it.  I feel like it also makes our place (what little bit of it that you can see) look a lot more white, and sparse.  It's totally not, I love bold color and graphic art and we've got kind of a lot of it.  Just...not so much in this corner of the bedroom.  

Top: Maurice's | Jeans: Kohls | Shoes: thrifted jelly flats

This top is actually a dress, and a favorite one at that.  I've had it for six years, and wore it for several bridal showers (including my own!), brought it with me to live in Peru, and generally bring it out whenever I want the mister to get all smiley and say "ooh, I like that dress!"  Unfortunately, its flimsy cotton is really going downhill, and my bustline, having expanded quite a bit since I was 19, is threatening the integrity of the buttonholes in front.  I fear my much-loved blue gingham dress is not much longer for this world...sigh.

ueSk7K on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs

My camera was doing something weird with super-long delays between the timed shots, so I ended up dancing around for quite a while before they all took and got some amusing shots in the process.  And no, despite how much it may appear in some of those, that is not a baby belly.  Just sayin'. 

Want to see some more?  Go take a gander at Spring Fashion Week.  And thank you, Deanna, for hosting us once again!

April 21, 2013

Spring Fashion Week - Sunday

As I mentioned before, Spring Fashion Week really snuck up on me.  Speaking of which, the mister snuck up on me (see what I did there?) while I was taking these pictures.  Then, when I'd chased him off, he went up to the window overlooking the side yard and started making creeper faces.  Not appreciated, dude...but still, gotta love him for it.  Anyway, hence the weirdo faces -- that was me was getting him back so hard.

I hear friends and family all talking about still getting snow(!) this past week, and I have a confession -- it has been beautiful, absolutely positively perfect, for, um, two weeks?  This has been the longest streak of lovely we've had for as long as we've been in California.  And I. am. LOVING it.  Never mind that I've got med school finals next week, and super-scary standardized board exams two months later.  Never mind that I got sunburned legs today from studying outside in the sunshine under the orange tree.  Never mind that I'm in denial about, oh, just about everything (sunburn included!).  This weekend?  Everything was amazing.

Shirt: Hubbard Avenue Diner | Shorts: Eddie Bauer, thrifted | Shoes: Teva Fuse-ion via Sierra Trading Post

Interesting (to me, at least) to note that, after a solid dozen years of hating fiercely on the color, I am introducing pink back into my wardrobe.  Why?  Eh, I don't know, it doesn't offend me any more, so why not?  I mean, I'm not specifically looking for it, but if it happens it happens.  Also, neener-neener I stick out my tongue because that is totally the mature adult response to a puck-y creeper mister.  Take that.

Ow-ow, check out that sunburn.  Yeesh.  Would you believe I've spent the past two weeks studying skin cancer (among other things)?  Obviously not practicing what I preach.

I am, however, taking my own advice and heading over to Spring Fashion Week.  You should, too!

April 14, 2013

Not-June Bugs

While many friends are bemoaning winter's refusal to give up the ghost, here in the Bay Area the past week or so has been positively summery.  I don't remember our previous springs here being this glorious, so perhaps this bodes well for a warm summer?

Occasion: clinicals with kids

 My apologies for the dark photos (and manic expressions?) -- snapped these on my way out the door for class because I just loved what I was wearing and knew it was going to be a long day.  Our clinical lab this week was the last one (!) before we're out on rotations for real -- intimidating thought! -- and they were Well-Child Checks, with real kids!  I felt a bit like I was channeling my inner kindergarten teacher in this get-up, but I'd have worn it even if we were working with adults.  The skirt is a recent thrifting score, and (like my green pants) it made my eyes go wide with "I must have it!" delight when I saw it.

Shirt: Banana Republic, thrifted | Skirt: (vintage!) Talbots, thrifted | Shoes: Naya, via dbShoes

I was also pleased to see that the skirt was the exact same color as an orangey-red top I have.  My usual inclination would be to wear it with white or black, or possibly rich blue or mustard yellow, but the monochrome look was fun -- how could it not be, in that super-bright shade?! -- and I think it made what is undeniably a quirky, personality-full garment a bit more professionally-appropriate.

Anything fun brightening up your closet recently?  Do tell!

Edited to add: linking up with the first day of Spring Fashion Week over at Delirious Rhapsody!  Snuck up on me this time, what with finals starting in a couple of days(!).  I'll be more on the ball for the rest of 'em!

April 7, 2013


The last few weeks have been a whirlwind, and travel and the lack of a normal routine have thrown me a bit.  This weekend, though, has been low-key and beautiful -- Saturday was spent traipsing through the woods and exploring delicious things, and Sunday has been a peaceful spring day in the city.  Nice to have a little pause for the in-betweens of a hectic season.

Occasion: Sunday lunching

A lovely church service -- a baptism! -- and then tasty food with good friends made this last-day-of-downtime-until-board-exams-are-passed a splendidly relaxing one, and just what the doctor-in-training ordered...

Blouse: Downeast Basics, via Sorella Bella | Sweater: Target, thrifted | Belt: thrifted | Skirt: Old Navy | Leggings: Target | Boots: Merrell

Finding myself in the midst of a compulsive spring closet-clean-out, I realized that, aside from some t-shirts from high school, this skirt may be the oldest piece of clothing I have.  It was purchased the summer after my first year of college, when I was still giddy over the freedom of my city apartment, part-time job, and school-issued bus pass.  Spend an afternoon riding buses to the edge of town and shopping to my heart's content?  What a novel idea...

Do you have any garments that bring back memories, whether or not they're kept for sentimental reasons?