April 26, 2013

Spring Fashion Week - Friday

Aw shuck, gals, it's been another lovely fashion week.  Not going to lie, I'm already looking forward to the next one...

Dress: Shabby Apple | Plaid shirt: thrifted | Shoes: Target

I missed yesterday and scrambled for today because of final exams -- but now, done!  My didactic education is over!  There's the board exam, and then I'm out on the wards for clinical rotations -- I'm halfway through medical school!

Yeah...wish I actually felt that exuberant.  Leaving my last exam, a professor asked if I had anything fun planned, quickly followed with "Do you even remember what fun is?"  My gut response was "Well, I know what sleep is, and these days they're about the same..."

Thanks again to Deanna at Delirious Rhapsody for hosting this fashion week!  You gals are the best.


  1. i don't think your pictures are working. :-/

  2. I guess I must be an expert on the useless topic of Shabby Apple, because I recognized that as one of their dresses before I even saw your source link. I love it with the plaid shirt!

  3. WOO HOO! And we're all exuberant along with you!