June 16, 2013

Getting My Geek On

I am just tipping past the 50%-through-my-study-program mark today, and I am *so* ready for it to be done.  I want to see people again.  I want to be able to drink some of the beer brought back from my home state without worrying about borking my higher-order focus & functioning.  I want to have to time for our Sunday night Doctor Who dates with my mister!

Despite the utter lack of anything fun in my life these days (you know I'm writing this with a review lecture up on my other screen), I'm still totally getting my geek on.  Not just because terminal nerd-ness is necessary for survival at this point, but because...well, yeah, it's the best way to cope.  And oh look, the top t-shirt on the stack today features my favorite Japanese animation studio!

I have to admit, I'm not nearly so well-versed in Studio Ghibli's works as I'd like, and I had to look up the tin man dude because I completely couldn't place him.  (Turns out he's from Castle in the Sky, which I haven't seen, so I feel a little bit better.)  So, from left to right we have Turnip Head (Howl's Moving Castle), a Laputan robot, Princess Mononoke (Princess Mononoke), the [unnamed?] dog from Spirited Away, and of course, Totoro.

 Shirt: shirt.woot | Skirt (actually a skort!): thrifted | Belt: Target, eons ago

It's been bea-u-ti-ful these last few days, finally warm enough to properly do the bare-legged thing.  Sadly, just about all of my time these days is spent right here like this...

Just three more weeks...!

June 9, 2013

Keeping Memories Alive

I've blogged this before, but not here. 

Yup, that shirt used to be a maxi dress.  I love the cutouts and embroidery, the bright colors, and the sentimental place it holds in my heart (got it for our honeymoon in the Apostle Islands, which are absolutely not tropical at all despite what you might think from their name, or the dress).  However, I've worn it three or four times in the two months since trimming it down -- and still have the bottom, waiting for a chance to make a waistband and finish it out as a skirt -- and I do not at all regret chopping it in two.

Tunic: Modcloth, modified by me | Sweater: Ross? | Jeans: REI | Sandals: Kohl's
(Shockingly, nothing in this post was thrifted!  You have no idea how rare that is for me...)

The pants are a fairly recent acquisition, and I really like them.  They're lightweight & trouser-y in shape, with reinforced articulated knees and buttonholes to roll them into capris.  I also suspect that there's some kind of optical brightener/reflector woven into the cotton -- not that they are blinding or anything, but that wearing them out in direct noontime sunlight, I still stay cool.  Which just about makes these perfect, in my book.


Colorful beaded cork sandals make me feel very Berkeley, but in a more refined, less overtly-hippie sort of way.  Just like my cutoff flower-child maxi dress.

Any changes made to sentimental or long-loved items to keep them around and increase their use?  Do tell!