October 31, 2012


A few weeks ago, I was playing "truth or dare" poker with Jordan and some friends.  I don't remember exactly how the question was phrased, but one of my friends basically asked me to describe the outfit that make me feel the most confident.

T-shirt & scarf:  gifts
Jacket & skirt:  Goodwill
Tights:  Target
Boots:  Charlotte Russe

I love stepping out in this outfit.  I draw from the bravado of the character it's inspired by.  I hold my head high.  Self-confidence is a self-fulfilling prophecy:  feeling like you look good makes you look better.  Isn't that a beautiful thing?

Also, as I was thinking of my answer, Jordan (my husband) quickly chimed in with, "high heels!"  So, apparently I give off a certain confidence when I'm a few inches taller as well!

Share what outfit - or pieces of an outfit - you feel most confident in.

October 28, 2012

Exercising Opposites

I am not entirely sure about this outfit.  I really the combination of opposite colors -- that deep, grape-y violet and mustard yellow -- and I like the silhouette, but I don't think it wore as well as it looked.

Occasion: a Friday (ie. short day) of lectures

The dress is a slight a-line and would be fine on its own, except that it hits me about two inches higher on the leg than I feel comfortable with for school or professionally.  I've worn a black skirt under it as an extender before, but I wanted more color this time.  This yellow skirt,'s so full.  I know petticoats worked that way, but all that fairly stiff material (almost like denim) under a much lighter-weight, narrower dress was just awkward.

Such a cheeseball face, but it shows off that lovely necklace a bit better, and the interesting texture that the tone-on-tone stripes add.  I really do like these colors together, so I'm sure I'll give this pairing another shot at some point.

Now, while we're on the subject of cheeseball...

hbMq_n on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs

Dress: H&M | Skirt: thrifted | Shoes: Target | Necklace: a gift from the mister


October 25, 2012

how to work stripes

introducing: me! i'm a student in high school who likes to dress nicely. some might say my style is too fancy for school but i say, why not? if you like your clothes wear them! i don't mind wearing skirts or dresses to school.

this is my mullet skirt. (it's actually called a high-low skirt but's a mullet. business in the front and party in the back.) my tights are lacey and white and my shoes are black army-style boots.

i wore this shirt with the skirt cause it's a tighter t-shirt. i like to balance tighter clothes with baggier clothes, like wearing t-shirts with boot cut jeans or skinny jeans with a loose shirt. my headband is also white and lacey. i love love love this shirt cause it promotes originality. that one zebra in the middle has a keyboard instead of stripes, a blue mohawk, an earring, and sunglasses. he doesn't care about what everyone else does and rocks his own style. i respect you mister zebra.

usually i don't match this much (like with two white lacey things). i don't mind mixing patterns (except for stripes and plaid. never.) but i don't like mixing unmatching colors. that just doesn't work.

i'm new to blogging but i'm super excited about it! tune in next week for more fashion fun.

October 24, 2012


Almost a month ago, Ronnie posted about how she wears an outfit for 1-2 weeks at a time.

This blew me away.  Which got me thinking... why?  Why does this surprise me?  Where did I get the idea that I need to change my clothes everyday?  Would I feel awkward if people saw me in the same outfit?
I took Ronnie's habit and made it my challenge:  how long could I wear the same outfit?  (Excluding undershirts and such things.)

I made it about two and a half days.

Partially, I was limited to weekends, since I don't feel comfortable wearing the same outfit to work several days in a row.  But also, it just got to a point where it felt uncomfortable.  I felt like I smelled iffy.  The clothes got stretched out and didn't fit quite right.  The issue wasn't that my friends would see me in the same outfit - I doubt they would care - but that I felt like I needed to change.

One of my repeated outfits:

Dress:  thrifted
T-shirt & leggings:  Kohl's
Sweater:  Goodwill
Boots:  Merrell, from REI

I don't think the challenge was a failure, as I learned more about my fashion choices.  It's made me more conscious of what I wear, and I'm further challenged to wear repeat outfits, especially if I find an especially cute outfit!

What about you?
How often do you typically repeat your outfits?

October 21, 2012


Welcome!  You have found Phenotype: fabulous, an experiment in nature vs. nuture, self-expression, and sartorial sisterhood.  We are students, teachers, dancers, healers.  We are challenging ourselves and others to love and care for the bodies we've got, and to look and feel great doing so.

Occasion:  a full day of lectures, and volunteering at a free clinic in the evening

I like schooldays that consist only of lectures without labs, because they are free of the dress code requirements imposed by the various lab activities.  Unlike undergrad, where I not infrequently donned the college uniform of sweatpants or other glorified pajamas (to my credit, I usually did wear real clothes on days when I had class later than 9am), in medical school I feel like dressing with intentionality helps get me in the right mindset to learn.  This is a professional degree program; hence, I am a Professional Student (truer words never spoken...).  Might as well look the part.

These jeans make me happy -- I really like the way they fit, the way they feel.  They're fairly high-waisted (nearly up to my umbilicus belly-button) and a narrow bootcut.  The cherry on top?  I found them in perfect condition at a thrift shop.  In fact, everything (except underpinnings) in this outfit was second-hand, and the [oh-so-wonderful!] socks were a gift.

Orange sweater: thrifted | Grey sweater: Kimchi Blue, thrifted | Belt: thrifted | Jeans: BandolinoBlu, thrifted | Shoes: b.o.c., thrifted | Socks: REI merino hikers

It's been my pleasure to introduce Phenotype: fabulous to the world.  Our other lovely contributors will debut throughout the week.  However, I do want to take this opportunity to give a shoutout to one: my little sister, who is turning 18 today.

Happy birthday, 'doodles!  Hard to believe that 18 years ago you came into this world, and subsequently I almost missed the school bus for the very first time.  You're a goof, you're a doll, and I'm so proud of the young woman you are becoming.