October 25, 2012

how to work stripes

introducing: me! i'm a student in high school who likes to dress nicely. some might say my style is too fancy for school but i say, why not? if you like your clothes wear them! i don't mind wearing skirts or dresses to school.

this is my mullet skirt. (it's actually called a high-low skirt but's a mullet. business in the front and party in the back.) my tights are lacey and white and my shoes are black army-style boots.

i wore this shirt with the skirt cause it's a tighter t-shirt. i like to balance tighter clothes with baggier clothes, like wearing t-shirts with boot cut jeans or skinny jeans with a loose shirt. my headband is also white and lacey. i love love love this shirt cause it promotes originality. that one zebra in the middle has a keyboard instead of stripes, a blue mohawk, an earring, and sunglasses. he doesn't care about what everyone else does and rocks his own style. i respect you mister zebra.

usually i don't match this much (like with two white lacey things). i don't mind mixing patterns (except for stripes and plaid. never.) but i don't like mixing unmatching colors. that just doesn't work.

i'm new to blogging but i'm super excited about it! tune in next week for more fashion fun.


  1. yay, lyn! welcome to the blogosphere. =)

    i really like your lacy tights with the tough-girl boots. the contrast of dainty and don't-mess-with-me is really fun.

  2. gosh, why are you so cute? it makes my brain hurt.

    that shirt used to be mine! huzzah for hand-me-downs! we should really have a tag for that, considering the amount of switching we do.