October 24, 2012


Almost a month ago, Ronnie posted about how she wears an outfit for 1-2 weeks at a time.

This blew me away.  Which got me thinking... why?  Why does this surprise me?  Where did I get the idea that I need to change my clothes everyday?  Would I feel awkward if people saw me in the same outfit?
I took Ronnie's habit and made it my challenge:  how long could I wear the same outfit?  (Excluding undershirts and such things.)

I made it about two and a half days.

Partially, I was limited to weekends, since I don't feel comfortable wearing the same outfit to work several days in a row.  But also, it just got to a point where it felt uncomfortable.  I felt like I smelled iffy.  The clothes got stretched out and didn't fit quite right.  The issue wasn't that my friends would see me in the same outfit - I doubt they would care - but that I felt like I needed to change.

One of my repeated outfits:

Dress:  thrifted
T-shirt & leggings:  Kohl's
Sweater:  Goodwill
Boots:  Merrell, from REI

I don't think the challenge was a failure, as I learned more about my fashion choices.  It's made me more conscious of what I wear, and I'm further challenged to wear repeat outfits, especially if I find an especially cute outfit!

What about you?
How often do you typically repeat your outfits?


  1. cute cute cute! i always like that dress. =)

    matt does this...he wears one pair of pants per week (unless he gets them dirty) and usually only three shirts -- helped by the fact that he works in two different locations, so no one but me sees him two days in a row. =)

    i don't repeat entire outfits, but i do wear one pair of jeans, for example, until they need to be washed, then take out the next pair, or wear a certain skirt or dress two or three times within a couple weeks. i don't like putting worn-but-not-dirty things back in with all my clean ones, so they just hang out and get worn more often. it helps, too, that even if i wear basically the same outfit on days i can dress myself (as opposed to having clothes dictated by labs), there are dress code days in between, so i'm never wearing the same thing two days in a row.

  2. Interesting idea. My clothes are usually so trashed by the end of the day that there wouldn't be a way in the world I could wear them again the next day. And I am with you on clothes getting stretched out and fitting weird. That being said, I have been known to wear jeans for far too long between washings. Stains included. For some reason I find stains on jeans acceptable.

    Your dress is really cute. I love the detailing on the top, the pockets, the color and how comfortable it looks. Great outfit to choose to wear over and over!

  3. I also wear my pants countless times. Literally countless. I only wash them if they feel loose or look dirrrrty,

  4. Oh man, I am digging this fashion blog!

    I will have to come back later when I have more time... but it's awesome so far!

  5. Ok...back!

    So, I totally love the idea of wearing an outfit or a piece in different ways, and I think it helps expand on creativity. That said, in the moment, I never think to try different things- I stick to what I know (boring!).

    I almost never wash my good jeans. I will wear them over and over again before washing them, unless they are obviously dirty, which is rare. How gross is that?