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As you may be able to tell, Phenotype: fabulous is a little bit different.  We're a joint blog, authored by two best friends, katie and Charlotte.

 Katie is a Midwestern girl living on the west coast, where she studies to be a family physician and a holistic healer.  She feels the most like herself when she's dancing.  Her recent climb to the top of Half Dome was the most difficult thing she had ever done (though medical school will probably claim that distinction by the time she's through).  She is incredibly tactile and loves good socks.  Katie is enamored with plaid, stripes, felt, and tweed, and can't wait for the day she and her husband can leave the city and live on an orchard with bees, chickens, and a goat.  She also blogs at Doctors Terry

Charlotte is a wife, photographer, drinker of coffee, swing dancer, food-maker, reader of real books and consumer of many dairy products.  She teaches small children about the ways of the world in a self-contained special education classroom.  She loves Milwaukee, but hates winter.  The things that make her happiest are cuddling on the couch, playing board games, tv show marathons, and when her husband does the dishes.  Her fashion sensibilities lean toward the functional, but she loves using this site to grow her fashion choices.  She also blogs at The Daily Snapshot.

katie and Charlotte have been friends for the greater majority of their lives.
Separated by more than 2,000 miles, Phenotype: fabulous is a place where they can come together to see how their lives -- and fashion choices -- diverge and intersect.

We hope you stick around!

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