November 12, 2013

Ode to the LBD

An avid lover of expressive colors as a teen and young adult, I did not see the point of the Little Black Dress.  Why would I ever want to wear a simple black dress when I could wear a bold red one, or a shimmery silver one, or a multi-hued beaded one?  I was convinced that, though they may be useful for other ladies, an LBD would never find a place in my wardrobe.

Then, I met Joan.

Joan is the dress, thusly named for obvious reasons.  She's a lady who doesn't like to speak of her age, but you'd hardly believe a gal with this many decades on her looks this good.

Joan has taught me that there is immense power in simplicity.  She may not be the right answer for everything, but with a timeless, demure, oh-so-flattering cut, she is ready for just about anything.

Oh, and what varied anythings we've seen together!  Joan and I have done the opera and the red carpet, Christmas parties and church luncheons.  Today, we popped my white coat on top for a day working on the hospital wards, and I expect we'll do a fair amount of residency interviewing together this time next year.

Joan is a far better friend than I deserve.  Her lightweight wool composition suits her perfectly to my favorite climate and seasons, and somehow without a single stitch of spandex she still fits like made-to-measure even after hefty weight gains.


We're quite the team, Joan and I.  You'd best not cross us -- curves and collarbones are our weapons of choice.

Lest you think Joan seeks all the limelight, I assure you she is quite content to be the supporting backdrop for a louder, flashier acquaintance.
Joan doesn't need to shout.  She's a lady.  She knows the right thing to do in any situation, and she gets our attention when she wants it, just as she is.

Dress Joan: vintage 1960s | Shoes: Clarks | Tights: ?? | Necklace: Otis B Jewelry