October 21, 2012


Welcome!  You have found Phenotype: fabulous, an experiment in nature vs. nuture, self-expression, and sartorial sisterhood.  We are students, teachers, dancers, healers.  We are challenging ourselves and others to love and care for the bodies we've got, and to look and feel great doing so.

Occasion:  a full day of lectures, and volunteering at a free clinic in the evening

I like schooldays that consist only of lectures without labs, because they are free of the dress code requirements imposed by the various lab activities.  Unlike undergrad, where I not infrequently donned the college uniform of sweatpants or other glorified pajamas (to my credit, I usually did wear real clothes on days when I had class later than 9am), in medical school I feel like dressing with intentionality helps get me in the right mindset to learn.  This is a professional degree program; hence, I am a Professional Student (truer words never spoken...).  Might as well look the part.

These jeans make me happy -- I really like the way they fit, the way they feel.  They're fairly high-waisted (nearly up to my umbilicus belly-button) and a narrow bootcut.  The cherry on top?  I found them in perfect condition at a thrift shop.  In fact, everything (except underpinnings) in this outfit was second-hand, and the [oh-so-wonderful!] socks were a gift.

Orange sweater: thrifted | Grey sweater: Kimchi Blue, thrifted | Belt: thrifted | Jeans: BandolinoBlu, thrifted | Shoes: b.o.c., thrifted | Socks: REI merino hikers

It's been my pleasure to introduce Phenotype: fabulous to the world.  Our other lovely contributors will debut throughout the week.  However, I do want to take this opportunity to give a shoutout to one: my little sister, who is turning 18 today.

Happy birthday, 'doodles!  Hard to believe that 18 years ago you came into this world, and subsequently I almost missed the school bus for the very first time.  You're a goof, you're a doll, and I'm so proud of the young woman you are becoming.


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