May 6, 2013


Though done with "real" school, there are still some things we need to learn before they turn us loose in the local hospitals.  As a result, I've spent the last couple of days in a workshop certifying in BLS/ACLS (which is short for What To Do When Someone Stops Breathing and Maybe Doesn't Have a Pulse -- and No, "Calling 911" Is Not a Sufficient Answer).  Ideally, we'd be doing the opposite of stopping hearts, but "Heart Re-Starting" just didn't have the same ring...

Dress: Express, thrifted | Tee: Target | Leggings: Target | Belt: thrifted | Shoes: Teva Fuse-ion via Sierra Trading Post

This...tunic? mini-dress? makes me feel like a sci-fi heroine.  A dropped waist is not a silhouette I often wear (I don't like how it looks on my curves, so I normally go for natural- or high-waisted), but the way this one slings on my hips make me feel like I should be packing a bandolier of bullets and strutting around in boots and leather.  A recent acquisition, I can't wear to bust it out with my adventure boots come fall.  Not a bad look, for learning to be a superhero...

Let me show you something that is actually heart-stopping (and allow me to brag shamelessly):

My little sister, prom 2011 / 2012 / 2013

First, the brag: I made the black & white dress!  (Technically, I made a maxi skirt, which she's wearing over a strapless sundress).  Second, I'm impressed: girl knows what she likes -- flowy strapless column dresses (without heels -- she really is that tall!), and the over-the-right shoulder hair -- and she knows how to work it!  And dang, is she thrifty.  I don't think she spent more than $100 total on three years of prom -- first was a refashion of a 1980s bridesmaid dress from mum's closet, second was thrifted, and third was DIY/use-what-you've-got.  Also, I can't get over how grown-up she looks!  Wasn't *our* prom not that long ago?  (Never mind, it's been nearly a decade since then.  When did that happen?!?)

How has your clothing made you feel lately?  Any fashion-induced reminiscings?  Do share!


  1. I see the action figure/superhero vibe of your outfit, for sure, and I think it would be awesome worn with boots, too! And I have to appreciate someone who is thrifty about prom! I've been doing $40 updos the last couple weekends at school and I can't believe how much money some parents are shelling out!
    As for fashion-induced reminiscing, yesterday I was wearing the suspenders that we gave my Dad for his 40th birthday to tell him that he was officially old. (He didn't think they were cool so I stole them)

  2. Your sister Is adorable and super cute!!! How to restart hearts sounds so scary...