December 2, 2012

Sick Days

And now, for our very first challenge week at Phenotype: fabulous...winter!  Here by the SF bay, it's been raining nonstop for days, and I've been dreaming about how much delightful snow that would bring if I were back home in colder climes...bundling up for outdoor [mis]adventures, cozying up inside by a fire -- there are so many things I love about winter!  One thing that I definitely do not appreciate, however, is being sick.

Even worse: being sick (and miserable!) on a day that you absolutely cannot stay home.  When all you want to do is burrow under the covers and sip hot tea while re-watching Sherlock but you *have* to go out and be part of the real world, what's a girl to do?

 Occasion: an at-school sick day =/

My approach is to wear clothes that are as comfy as my pajamas but more put-together (trying to get some of that "look good, feel good" going for me).  Here, [adventure] boots that wear like sneakers, leggings and a stretchy skirt, and my cuddliest sweater.  You'd never even know that I felt like I'd been run over by a bus.

sweater: J.Crew, thrifted | skirt: Target | leggings: Target | boots: Kalso Earth

I liked it so much, I'm going to do it again when I'm feeling even better.  What's your go-to when winter's got you down?

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