May 12, 2013


 As a way to mark the passing of time and celebrate all we have achieved at this half-way point, our school holds a pinning ceremony at the end of second year.  Usually it's like a mini-graduation -- some awards are given out, there are a few speeches, and one by one we march across the stage to receive a[nother] lapel pin for our white coats.

I attended last year's pinning in support of friends, but this time it was a particularly moving ceremony -- partly due to the events of the week, partly because it's now my future that's beginning to happen.  I've been doing a lot of thinking lately on my path in medicine, and the kind of doctor I want to be.  It seems like the more I know, the more I realize that there are even more questions needing to be answered before I can move forward.

Dress: Ross | Sweater: a Target brand, thrifted | Sandals: CL by Chinese Laundry, thrifted | Earrings: turquoise studs, I've had them forever | White Coat: courtesy of OPSC

It was nice to see almost everyone all polished up into their best doctor-y selves before we buckle down for boards preparations and then disperse to the four winds for rotations.  This dress was a last minute I-don't-have-anything-I-could-go-clubbing-in acquisition before our dance and basketball teams went to Vegas for the Big Game in March (a bit of a departure from my normal style, but with a sweater or the white coat, you'd never know), and the sandals got a ton of wear at conference-related social events in Orlando earlier this spring, since they're as dressy as heels but totally flat, making this an outfit full of memories of some of the very best parts of this year, and of medical school in general.

Is this spring a season of transition for you?  How are your reflections coloring your approach to your body and how you dress?

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  1. I wish you best of luck as you continue on your journey to becoming a doctor! I can already tell you have a caring heart and you are of course, very intelligent (I've heard that becoming a medical doctor is the hardest schooling out there)

    Good luck! and beautiful shoes :)