May 26, 2013

DIY Debut

So... I made this dress.

I made it up as I went along, trying to copy another dress I have (without taking that one apart).  Of course, it ended up not really similar at all.  Someday I'll start using real patterns or slopers instead of winging it; for this one, I'm just happy that I was slow and careful and specifically not giving in to all the sloppy "eh, I can make it work" habits I've gotten into with my sewing projects.  Pattern-matching those stripes for a chevron in front wasn't as hard as I thought it would be, and I like how they work with the high-low hem. 

Dress: I made it! | Sweater: Anthropologie, thrifted | Shoes: thrifted

It was not really this warm out -- rather, it was fine in the sunshine but not warm enough inside my study -- for these bared legs and sandals, which I did not appreciate. So, most of the day was spent with leggings and socks for the cozies.  Wearing something that I made myself was empowering, and I think the pride ("Look what I can do! I totally rock at life right now") helped inspire me to a highly-productive day.

Inspired by Rachel's QUITEbeautiful campaign, I give you: my completely un-done-up face.  (Not that I normally wear much makeup...)  My siblings and I all have that crazy-high hairline; we call it the "Phelan phorehead."  We're also all covered in freckles -- why would I want to bury those under makeup?  (Although mine have long been covered by what I suspect is rosacea, that discrete red patch across cheeks/nose/low forehead -- perils of being a medical student, you think you've got every condition you study).  I've gotten more compliments on my teeth (?!) in the last six months than I ever imagined I'd get in a lifetime.  I've got laugh lines at my eyes and no stress lines in my forehead, and dang it if my collarbones aren't just the sexiest things ever. 

What's making you feel like you rock these days?  What parts of your un-done self are your favorites?


  1. It is so, so fun to wear a dress of your own making. That is quite impressive that you made that without a pattern! I'm currently in process of attempting to make my second dress ever--and simply hoping it will all work out.
    Also, of course, I love the fresh-faced look!

  2. I wish we could see a few more details of the dress, because it looks great! Is there piping or lacing on the edge of the skirt? What do the straps look like? Kudos to you on a job well done.

    1. haha, it's a hit mess is what it is! =) The hem is just pinked (cut with a zigzag blade) because it's a jersey knit and won't unravel. I actually used it wrong-side-out because I liked the muted peach & blue stripes better than the deep coral & navy on the reverse, and you see a bit of that in the underside because the skirt is longer in back than in front. I'll take some detail shots at some point, if you're really interested...

  3. Oh, I think your dress is just lovely! You did a brilliant job with no pattern... bravo!

  4. You did a great job on your dress, and you are lovely without a lick of makeup.

    Thank you so much for visiting my blog - I appreciate your comment on The Name of the Wind. Great to know the second book is better!