April 7, 2013


The last few weeks have been a whirlwind, and travel and the lack of a normal routine have thrown me a bit.  This weekend, though, has been low-key and beautiful -- Saturday was spent traipsing through the woods and exploring delicious things, and Sunday has been a peaceful spring day in the city.  Nice to have a little pause for the in-betweens of a hectic season.

Occasion: Sunday lunching

A lovely church service -- a baptism! -- and then tasty food with good friends made this last-day-of-downtime-until-board-exams-are-passed a splendidly relaxing one, and just what the doctor-in-training ordered...

Blouse: Downeast Basics, via Sorella Bella | Sweater: Target, thrifted | Belt: thrifted | Skirt: Old Navy | Leggings: Target | Boots: Merrell

Finding myself in the midst of a compulsive spring closet-clean-out, I realized that, aside from some t-shirts from high school, this skirt may be the oldest piece of clothing I have.  It was purchased the summer after my first year of college, when I was still giddy over the freedom of my city apartment, part-time job, and school-issued bus pass.  Spend an afternoon riding buses to the edge of town and shopping to my heart's content?  What a novel idea...

Do you have any garments that bring back memories, whether or not they're kept for sentimental reasons?

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