March 17, 2013

Springing, or Holiday Dress

So, remember how I'm the type to dress for the holidays?  Well, green is my favorite color and I promise, I wore this on Tuesday and didn't realize until blogging it that it would post on the 17th.  Well, Happy St. Patrick's Day!  Given how I spent my entire life before college my background, St. Pat's is one of the High Holy days and though I haven't laced up those dance shoes for gosh, nearly eight(!) years, it still strikes me as odd to carry on with life as usual around this time of year.  Today, for example, I am studying for tomorrow's exam on Reproductive Physiology, when I *should* be drinking Guinness.  Alas...

Occasion: seriously professionalizing

You may also recall how strange it was to dress like a responsible adult for three days in a row.  This past week only -- "only" -- had two such occasions, but Tuesday had three different events totaling 6.5 hours of my day which mandated professional attire.  6.5 hours!  It's as if it's for real, now.  (And what 6.5 hours they were!  Lab with preggos, feeling their bellies and learning to do ultrasounds; interviewing applicants; and learning/performing actual pelvic exams, speculum and all, on an actual woman, who was a phenomenally patient and gracious teacher.)

Weird pose -- trying to show off all my little bits, and not look like a dork in the process.  Success on the first, not so much on the second.

Sweater: INC, thrifted | Blouse: INC, thrifted | Skirt: Express, inherited from an old roommate | Tights: Target | Shoes: b.o.c. by Born, thrifted | Watch: plundered from the mister | Earrings: old favorites

Coming up next, I've got a 10-day trip featuring four vastly different environs: a professional conference, relatively formal social events in Florida, Orlando's theme parks, and family time/Irish dance viewing in Boston.  How will I piece together 10 consecutive days' worth of outfits for two or three different climates and fit it all into one suitcase?  Truthfully, I have no idea -- so, tune in to find out!


  1. Green is great colour! I also love your printed tights and those seriously cute little booties you are rocking!

  2. Those booties are so cute, with the little buckles :)

  3. I normally don't like heeled, closed-toed shoes/short boots, but yours really, really work with this outfit! I like how you bring together the browns in the skirt/shoes and the greens in the sweater/tights.