February 17, 2013

Reasons to Wear Red

I admit it, I'm one of those folks who will dress up in the appropriate colors for a holiday.  No over-the-top themed sweaters with crazy matching jewelry or anything, but red/white/blue for national holidays, green for St. Patrick's, harvest colors for Thanksgiving and sparkles for New Year's.  So, it's probably 100% likely I'd have worn red on Thursday anyway because duh, Valentine's Day.  However, for the past two weeks our school has been emphatically encouraging us to wear red on the 14th in support of "Humanism in Medicine."  While I think they would have gotten a more accurate representation of solidarity on a day when people weren't otherwise inclined to wear the same colors, it was still really cool to see so much support.  As a classmate described it, I am an "accidental osteopath" -- I found my way here due to the constraints of other parts of my life, but I recognize how blessed I am to be surrounded by colleagues with similar priorities of being empathetic, compassionate people and doctors.

Occasion: a Valentine's date with the sweetest elderly patient

We had follow-up visits with patients in a nearby senior residential community, and hence had to dress doctorly.  I was excited to break out this skirt, a recent thrifting score -- not only is it nubbly tweedy wool in a plaid pattern (two of my favorites!), but all the seams are on the bias (diagonally across the grain), which gives it more flexibility and a great fit, for a non-stretchy pencil skirt.  Also, I'm pretty sure that these are my favorite shoes.

Shirt: H&M | Skirt: thrifted | Belt: thrifted | Tights: Hue | Shoes: b.o.c. by Born, thrifted; similar, similar | Necklace: gift from the mister

Do you dress for the holidays?  Intentionally do the opposite?  Ignore 'em and wear whatever?


  1. I dressed in red on the 13th, not really thinking about the holiday. I dressed in white & purple for the 14th, so still in the theme. Sometimes I like to dress for the holidays, but I mostly try to avoid it. Like in high school, when I would wear orange on St. Patrick's Day, just to be a stinker. :)

    This is one of my favorite professional outfits of yours. It's everything I would wear, if I needed to dress more professionally than I do. I love how the red pop against the browns in the skirt, and the bias hems are really cool!

    1. Wearing orange for St. Paddy's is still recognizing the holiday, though perhaps not in its true intent. It's like my Jewish friends, whose Christmas tradition is to go out for Chinese food. =)

      And thank you! I really liked this one, feels a lot like me. =) Three more professional/clinical encounters this week, so more experimenting to come...