February 20, 2013

A Month of Sundays, #3

In Wisconsin, you often have to choose outfits that are strategically warm.

For example, I was initially going to wear heels with this outfit.  But with temperatures dipping into the teens, and my decision to wear a shorter-sleeved sweater, I knew I'd be shivering throughout church.  I love being warm.  The only bad part about the hot, muggy heat of summer is that I can't drink hot coffee or eat soup.  (Well that, and it's hard to sleep when it's so hot.)  Maybe my blood doesn't circulate as well as other people's, I don't know, but I find myself needing to wear layers, even when I'm in a heated place.  I knew that tights, wool socks and these boots would keep me toasty warm.

Thank goodness I changed my mind, because Jordan and I accidentally got locked out of our house when we were done taking these photos.  We only had to wait 10 minutes for my mother in law to drop off a spare key, and we were in direct sunlight (as evidenced by these pictures), so we were actually quite warm.

Dress:  thrifted
Sweater:  Goodwill
Tights & boots:  hand-me-downs
Earrings:  a gift

What about you?
Are you a warm or cold blooded person?

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1 comment:

  1. good thing one of you had a phone on you!

    i definitely prefer to be cold, and bundle up (or soak in hot water...mmm) than to be hot. escaping to the beach for a weekend when i lived in peru, i finally understood the appeal of tropical vacations -- where it is literally to hot to do anything except lie in a hammock with minimal clothing, so you *have* to relax -- but most of the time, not my thing.

    maybe it's just that we're being tested on endocrine this week, but when i read through your "maybe my blood doesn't circulate as well..." bit, i went "hypothyroid?" =)

    cute look! i like that the dress comes off a little bit sporty (racing stripes!), and so the all-black outfit seems fun and not severe/gothic/formal/what-have-you.