February 24, 2013

Being a Real Grown-Up

Last week was a short one -- Monday off for Presidents' Day, and nothing to put me on campus on Friday -- but Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday had professional-dress obligations every day.  Seeing as that has never happened to me before (I have to look like someone you'd take seriously?  For multiple days in a row?), figured I'd share.

Occasion: determining fates
Lace Blouse: Downeast Basics via Sorella Bella | Trousers: Banana Republic, thrifted | Belt: plundered from my mum | Shoes: Marshalls | Earrings: Target

Tuesday, I was part of the interview panel evaluating applicants to the medical school.  Considering that this was exactly the second interview I've taken part in -- and the first was when I was literally on the other side of that table, praying to get accepted -- I was pretty nervous.  It turned out to be a lot of fun, though (for me, at least -- the applicants all looked a bit like they were going to be sick).  It surprised me to see that, though they'll all probably be good doctors, some are a great fit for our school, some will be, but need another year to grow first, and some I most definitely do not want to see on this campus again.  It ended up being a dreary, blustery day, so I was quite happy for my cozy, lined wool dress pants.

Occasion: 25, and talking about sex
Grey sweater dress: Anthropologie | Red sweater: Banana Republic, thrifted | Tights: Assets, via Target | Boots: b.o.c. by Born

Wednesday was my birthday!  I have successfully completed my first quarter-century, and none too shabby, if I may say so myself.  The professional event was a bit unusual (professional sex educators running scenarios with us, so we can gain experience and strategies for navigating touchy-but-important subjects) so I figured I could get away with more "me" -- those tall boots, a shorter skirt -- and less clinically formal.  I also learned that I enjoy suturing (putting in stitches), and am quite good at it!  Though my first birthday ever where I did not have snow, it was an interesting day overall, and nearly made up for the fact that I was in the library 'til nearly midnight, studying. 

Occasion: run-of-the-mill doctor-y business
Sweater: thrifted | Trousers: New York & Co. | Shoes: Naya, via db Shoes

After all the unusual happens this week, Thursday's "pretend to be a team of doctors in charge of managing this patient's care" lab was almost no big deal.  This one, where we had to tell our patient she had diabetes, was super-affirming for me -- I don't want to be a specialist, and all the chasing-down-weird-diagnoses we've done previously have been overwhelming, but motivational interviewing and patient education and reassuring your patient that you are on her side and want to help her live the fullest, healthiest life she's able?  Totally my scene.  Primary care all the way, baby...

How'd you feel about those "yes, this is where it's at" moments, confirming for you where you want to be?  Anyone else find it just a little exhausting to dress like a "real" professional adult for, um, three days in a row?


  1. I don't know what I'd do if I had to dress professionally for three days in a row. I get stressed when I have four days in a month, much less in a row. :) You do it beautifully, though. The lace top is my favorite. I've been kind of searching for a lace top for a few month, but do you need to wear a strapless bra with it? Or does it cover bra straps sufficiently? I also like outfit #3, it's quite classy!

    1. Thank you! I scrub up well, when I need to. =)

      The lace top is unlined, basically a cardigan made of cotton lace (it snaps up the front), so I've worn tanks underneath it and that's taken care of the covering-the-bra business. So far, I've only done white/neutral, but I'm planning on playing with colored tank tops (navy blue! emerald green! burgundy!) and having that show through the cream-colored lace.

  2. Happy birthday for Wednesday! and an auspicious week to be on your first interview panel. You look very elegant, and feminine at the same time. These are all gorgeous outfits!
    Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog too :)

  3. Happy birthday for Wednesday! and an auspicious week to be working your first interview panel! I like all your outfits; smart and elegant, and feminine at the same time :)
    Thank you so much for your gorgeous comment on my blog too

  4. sorry for double comment! something weird happened the first time and I didn't realise it had already gone through!