April 14, 2013

Not-June Bugs

While many friends are bemoaning winter's refusal to give up the ghost, here in the Bay Area the past week or so has been positively summery.  I don't remember our previous springs here being this glorious, so perhaps this bodes well for a warm summer?

Occasion: clinicals with kids

 My apologies for the dark photos (and manic expressions?) -- snapped these on my way out the door for class because I just loved what I was wearing and knew it was going to be a long day.  Our clinical lab this week was the last one (!) before we're out on rotations for real -- intimidating thought! -- and they were Well-Child Checks, with real kids!  I felt a bit like I was channeling my inner kindergarten teacher in this get-up, but I'd have worn it even if we were working with adults.  The skirt is a recent thrifting score, and (like my green pants) it made my eyes go wide with "I must have it!" delight when I saw it.

Shirt: Banana Republic, thrifted | Skirt: (vintage!) Talbots, thrifted | Shoes: Naya, via dbShoes

I was also pleased to see that the skirt was the exact same color as an orangey-red top I have.  My usual inclination would be to wear it with white or black, or possibly rich blue or mustard yellow, but the monochrome look was fun -- how could it not be, in that super-bright shade?! -- and I think it made what is undeniably a quirky, personality-full garment a bit more professionally-appropriate.

Anything fun brightening up your closet recently?  Do tell!

Edited to add: linking up with the first day of Spring Fashion Week over at Delirious Rhapsody!  Snuck up on me this time, what with finals starting in a couple of days(!).  I'll be more on the ball for the rest of 'em!


  1. I definitely see your inner kindergarten teacher in this outfit! It's adorable, and perfect for working with kids. You look like a fun doctor, one that would put the little ones at ease. Too cute!

    Also, it's been too long since I went thrifting.

  2. Oh, this is so MadMen-esque and fabulous, I can't even handle it! I love the whole outfit, but I think it's really your shoes that pull everything together!!!

  3. Oh my gosh, this outfit is adorable!

  4. you look so fricken cute in this! i love your skirt! thanks for linking up. :)

  5. I love that outfit-and you definitely got lucky with finding that unique skirt! It's so true that sometimes you just know that something in the store was made just for you and it's perfect!

  6. You delightful elf! Look at your prancing and joy! I was made so much happier after I saw this gorgeous-ness! I'm so glad you're doing fashion week again!