November 11, 2012

Pop Some Tags

Have you heard that new song Thrift Store?  When I first heard it on the radio, I thought it was another offering from DJ Dave (Whole Foods Parking Lot, Daddy Skills, Berkeley Enough, etc...).  Though a little coarse in the language, it's such a fun take on the thrill of the hunt and the feeling you get when you nab something awesome.  All of this to say -- you guys...

Occasion: Saturday

...I HAVE GREEN PANTS.  Green corduroys, no less.  They're a little more dark-limey-apple green than the true crayola they're showing up as in pictures...and they are rocking my world something awesome right now.

I've focused my clothing-acquisitions lately on "professional-able" things -- things that I like, would wear day-to-day, and can be presented as professional enough to pass muster in a white-coat-required clinical environment.  I was out on Friday on a post-block-exams (7 tests in 5 days, gross!) shopping treat at my favorite thrift shop and grabbed these AMAZE-BALLS oh! so! very! green! pants "just to try on."  Once on -- oh, man!  I'd forgotten that, though I am having to make the transition to responsible, professional adult, I don't have to put on that persona or that uniform all the time.  I can wear something just because it makes me grin from ear to ear.  LIKE GREEN PANTS.  =)

Sweater: Eddie Bauer, thrifted | Striped tee: Banana Republic, thrifted | GREEN PANTS: thrifted | Sneakers: Converse All-Stars

So, what are your green pants?  Do you have anything that plasters a goofy grin on your face every time you put it on? 

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  1. oh you! these pants are sooooo you! I feel like if I saw these in a thrift store, miles and miles away from you, I would immediately know they should be yours. So glad you got them!

    Also, as much as you want - and need - to be professional, it's also important to take a break from that. Flexibility is key to a healthy lifestyle and I'm not just talking about touching your toes.