April 23, 2013

Spring Fashion Week - Tuesday

So, this is basically a love letter to my green pants.

My green pants are amazing.  They're ever-so-slightly loose, wearing a bit more like trousers or sweatpants than jeans.  They are corduroy, which immediately ups the awesome factor.  And they are this delightful neon-apple green that never fails to make me smile.  Watch out, world, katie has green pants.

I also really like this sweater -- it's such a lovely chunky open-knit lace, and *exactly* my skin tone.  A sweet feminine touch, which is an amusing contrast to the oh-so-bold green pants. 

Tank: Target | Sweater: Anthropologie, thrifted | GREEN PANTS: thrifted | Necklaces: birthday gift from the mister (black), Kohls (turquoise) | Sandals: Kalso Earth

Does that one look overly senior-picture-y to anyone else?  It's okay; if I'd had my green pants then, I totally would have done my senior portraits in them.  Also, apparently I spend so much time in the hunched-over-studying posture that I am physically incapable of relaxing my shoulders anymore.  It's okay, trapezius muscles, you can chill out, there's a fence there holding you up.   

Curly hair!  And a far more realistically-katie facial expression.

If Spring Fashion Week is what brought you here, thanks for stopping by!  Now, go check out what everyone else is up to.


  1. I am green with envy over those green pants! I love the color and texture! They are a really flattering fit on you, too! You are so cute!

  2. wow, those pants are amazing. When you said senior picture-y, I thought of seniors, as in ladies over 80. I was so confused over what you were saying until I reread it and realized you were talking about high school! Lol. You look awesome!!

  3. ummm...i never thought i would say this in my entire life. but i think i need some green pants in my wardrobe!! those are fabulous!

  4. Okay, this isn't fair. Just a couple weeks ago I posted about how I've recently lost my beloved bright green jeans. I still haven't found them yet, either. I can understand the kind of love you have for those pants--don't let them wander away! It's heartbreaking.
    And I love your necklace!

  5. Those are indeed some pretty awesome green pants! I feel like whenever I find fun colored pants, they're uncomfortable. That's so awesome that these are comfy and cool! You look just lovely in them! Do they match your glasses???

    1. Thanks! They sort of do (though it's not intentional, more a testament to how much I gravitate towards green)...the arm pieces of the glasses are an apple-y green, far more subdued than the pants, but the rim of the black part is the same bright! neon! green! Just a thin little strip, though, so it doesn't photograph well.

  6. Oh my gosh, that last picture is so cute. You look great in green! I haven't been able to find any colored pants that fit me well yet, but I love them on other people!

  7. I love those green pants! I definitely need more colored pants in my closet.

  8. I want to own your pants but I love your outfit in general. In fact, this is like my dream outfit. I have decided I just want to wear cute tshirts and sweaters for the rest of my life... and those pants... sigh... perfection.