April 22, 2013

Spring Fashion Week - Monday

Another day of Spring Fashion Week!  First, can I just say that I'm really, really happy with the picture below?  The warm woods, the art on the walls layered for depth (even in the reflection!), the cool lighting that makes it look like old film from the 70s...I like it.  I feel like it also makes our place (what little bit of it that you can see) look a lot more white, and sparse.  It's totally not, I love bold color and graphic art and we've got kind of a lot of it.  Just...not so much in this corner of the bedroom.  

Top: Maurice's | Jeans: Kohls | Shoes: thrifted jelly flats

This top is actually a dress, and a favorite one at that.  I've had it for six years, and wore it for several bridal showers (including my own!), brought it with me to live in Peru, and generally bring it out whenever I want the mister to get all smiley and say "ooh, I like that dress!"  Unfortunately, its flimsy cotton is really going downhill, and my bustline, having expanded quite a bit since I was 19, is threatening the integrity of the buttonholes in front.  I fear my much-loved blue gingham dress is not much longer for this world...sigh.

ueSk7K on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs

My camera was doing something weird with super-long delays between the timed shots, so I ended up dancing around for quite a while before they all took and got some amusing shots in the process.  And no, despite how much it may appear in some of those, that is not a baby belly.  Just sayin'. 

Want to see some more?  Go take a gander at Spring Fashion Week.  And thank you, Deanna, for hosting us once again!


  1. Love the outfit and the .gif... I want to try that for my next post!

  2. What a cute .gif! I love your top/dress! Is it gingham or striped? Either way, it's super cute!

    ...and I wish I was that happy in the morning!

  3. i would have never guessed that was a dress, it makes for a super cute top!

  4. I LOVE that shirt/dress! I'm sorry it's going downhill. I recently retired a favorite black dress (perfect for photography), but it made me go out and get a few more that have the same characteristics (comfy, long enough, etc) so I guess it was a good thing.

  5. I so hate it when I start to notice a beloved piece of clothing beginning to get a little too worn out--though I guess in a way, that's a good thing--it means I truly loved it and wore it as much as I could. But there's definitely pieces in my closet that I look at and wonder how I could ever give them up when I can't fit them anymore or when they get faded and holey. :(

  6. That shirt/dress is so cute! I love the .gif, how fun.

  7. I have fond memories of you in this dress... specifically, your bridal shower! I looked at the post I wrote about your shower just the other day, in fact.

  8. That gif is awesome! And so is the dress/shirt. Lovin' the stripes!