August 1, 2014

Strong Work

"Strong work," for the uninitiated, is the ultimate compliment in medical training.  It is a commendation I have only received twice, both in this past month at our county medical center & teaching hospital.  The first time was probably related to clinical knowledge or skill.  The second was today, for my participation in the institution's time-honored tradition:

Bow-tie Fridays.

Borrowed from my mister, but hand-tied (on the first try!) all by myself, thank you very much.

Bow-ties are cool.


  1. Bow ties ARE cool. But your picture didn't work! Ack! I want to see the beauty of a katie-tied tie. Also, kudos to you, because I think tying a bow tie is difficult.

    1. Grr. But, should be fixed now! Also, if you're ever in the market for some high-quality handmade bowties, I have a couple of source recommendations. Both Sean's and Matt's collections have increased thanks to Em & I. = )

    2. Yay, I get to see it now! Looks great!