July 15, 2014

Open mouth, insert foot

I remember when I first saw them.

Jordan and I were on our honeymoon in Scotland.  We had some time to kill at a bus station in Edinburgh.  Thankfully, the station was next to a coffee shop, which lent itself perfectly for people-watching, one of our favorite activities.  Jordan and I snorted into our lattes at the fashion-forward girls, in their loose blouses and leggings.

"Don't they know leggings aren't pants?  That they're meant to be worn underneath dresses and skirts?" we whispered to each others.  I would never be so foolish as to make such a ridiculous fashion choice!

Well, laugh it up, me from the past.  Because this summer, I've joined their ranks.

Shirt:  Goodwill
Belt:  H&M
Leggings:  Kohl's
Sandals:  Hand-me-downs

Now, in my defense, this shirt is long enough to cover my butt.  And while this style choice may be six years behind, it's so darn comfy!  I mean, the shirt is like a big, loose night-shirt!  And leggings have so much stretch.

So, my apologies to the girls of Edinburgh.  I'm sorry it's taken me so long to see the light.  (Though I still would never wear a short shirt with leggings!)

Have you ever worn an item of clothing you swore you wouldn't?


  1. LOVE LOVE. I wear this style all the time. But I always cover my crouch. I think the leggings with shirt thing if NOT covering the crouch area looks like gym wear.

    You look great!

  2. I think I may have realized this before, but you would have been in Edinburgh when I lived there! Small world. I much prefer a shirt to cover my butt a little, then to let it all hang out with leggings. I saw a girl rocking black leggings with a chambray button up (like not a long one) and she looked so cute, but I feel weird about letting my backside get so much, er, air.

  3. Your shirt looks long enough to be a tunic, rather than a blouse, which means (in my book) it's perfectly acceptable when paired with opaque leggings. Semi-opaque are best with undisputably-skirts-or-dresses, in my opinion. But you totally work it. = )

    Nice to see you back here! It's been awhile.

  4. You look adorbs in leggings and a tunic!!! I think leggings can be pants- depending on how they're paired/styled! I need to know more about this shoes, they look so cute and comfy!

  5. I think that shirt is long enough to pair with leggings, though I've seen many that aren't! The fashion trend I said I'd never wear is skinny jeans--I stuck to it for years...then I decided that I looked good in them.

  6. I like the look!
    I wear leggings (always butt covered) and skinny jeans (bordering on jeggings)....two thing the past me would never wear.