August 27, 2014

The Doctor is In

You guys -- it's exactly a year later, and I *still* LOVE this job.  Even more so now, knowing more clearly what I want to be when I grow up.

I realize it's probably not so flattering, but today is the first day my hair's been long enough to twist up and have it stay all day and this is SO EXCITING.  I'm pretty much in constant flip-flop with my hair -- I have bangs but pin'em back half the time, I've been rocking the short choppy bob for a year and a half but have decided to grow it out (but watch, I'll probably get bored again and chop it in six months, that's my standard MO).

I still think it's kind of odd that I own this skirt.  It's such a traditional, preppy kind of pattern and doesn't really feel like me.  That said, it's gotten more wear than any other work skirt this summer and it contains most of my current favorite clothes colors (navy, brown, mustard, periwinkle/chambray, white) so it works with about half my wardrobe and I haven't repeated any outfits on it yet.

That face.  I *always* make that face in a photo shoot.  Complete with the leg thing (weight on the left, swing the leg from standing over to crossed at the ankle).  Keeping it real, friends...

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  1. love the ruffles and love that you are enjoying your job. you go girl, follow those dreams!!