September 7, 2014

Skirtember #1

Last year, I participated in Skirtember on my regular blog space, The Daily Snapshot.  I got all amped up to do it again this year... only I find that no one else seems to be participating.  (Except Bombasine.  Howdy!)  Well, if I make a plan, I like to stick with it, so I'm going to venture on my own skirt/dress adventure throughout the month!

For various reasons, I can't wear skirts or dresses to work, so I made it my goal to wear them on the weekends, though I've already gotten off on a shaky start.  I ended up in jeans all Saturday, even though I had plans to dress up to go out with friends in the evening.  But after a long bike ride late into the day, and an unplanned stop or two (*cough* distillery tour *cough*), I couldn't muster up the energy to go out (sorry Ali!).

I still squeezed in two Skirtember outfits though!

An unintentional shot!
I really was typing a note into my phone, and my husband snapped the picture.

I wore this outfit out for drinks with my husband on Friday night, and then to church on Sunday.  (It was the one I was going to wear if I went out on Saturday.)
It's still a little too hot during the day to wear tights; it's more needed in the evenings.

Dress:  gift from my husband
Tights:  Target
Boots:  hand-me-down
Bracelet:  Amazon

Trying to get a detailed shot of my boots, tights and bracelet...
The bracelet is hard to see, but it's Harry Potter themed!
It has owls, a Snitch and the Deathly Hallows on it.

Details of the dress.
It was a perfect gift from my husband, who works in the cycling industry.

 I wore this more casual outfit on Sunday for hanging out at the house, taking the dog to the dog park, etc.

T-shirt and tank top:  hand-me-downs
Skirt:  Forever 21
Shoes:  Goodwill

Wanna join in Skirtember?  Make a girl feel not so lonely?


  1. That first outfit is amazing. Everything about it is. And pockets on skirts are my thing. They just make me happy.

  2. I'm in (in fact, I'm wearing one RIGHT NOW). In lieu of a blog, I will pm my outfits to you via facebook.

    That dress *is* perfect. And super cute with the accessories!

  3. Everything. I love everything about that dress- it's amazing!

  4. These both are *so* you! I really love the bike print -- the fun colors, sketched design, and cute casual t-shirt shape that still jazzes up nicely with heels.

  5. Hey. Just found your blog. You are cute :) And have some cute outfits. Also congrads on the pregnancy! :)