June 10, 2014

Sprummer Day 2 - Commencing

My original medical school class graduated recently(!) -- of course I went, wouldn't have missed it for anything.  This is what I wore:

Cardigan: Target | Tunic: Kohl's | Jeans: thrifted | Shoes: Crocs  

The school colors are dark blue & white, but matching them was serendipitous rather than intentional -- I just tend to wear a lot of navy.

I really like the shirttail hem on this tunic -- I like the length in the front and back, with the higher sides allowing a flattering continuation of the visual leg line.  I am also nearly a month into the bangs and still liking them -- takes a touch more work in the morning to brush them out (compared to my normal "I do nothing to it" hair routine), but for relatively minimal effort I get a much more polished look.  I'm looking forward to the rest of my hair growing out a bit so I can do the braid-&-bangs combo I'm aiming for.

It was awesome to go to my [old] class's graduation.  I sat with some other classmates who had added an extra year -- for medical reasons, research, public health study, what-have-you -- and we ended up being right on the aisle that all the medical-students-commencing-to-be-doctors processed down during the entry.  Half the class stopped and hugged us, causing major traffic jams =) and it was SO COOL to remember being strangers four years ago and now see them on the verge of being doctors.  It wasn't bittersweet, either, because I still feel like I need at least a year of school yet; it was exciting to look forward to our ceremony next year, but purely, 100% happiness and celebration for the 2014s.

Any big celebrations your way recently?  If nothing else, you should go join the party for the Sprummer Fashion Week!


  1. Oooooh! I love that top and cardigan together- the colors are perfect!!! You are as cute as ever!

  2. you look great! It's cool that you wore your school colors without even trying. Also, your hair is just adorable. I've been thinking that for awhile. It's like the perfect measure of curly and chic length.

  3. i love the polka dotted top, and the length too. i always feel like it's hard for me to find a shirt that's long enough.

  4. I love how the tank top fits as well! I don't normally go for the different hemlines look, but there have been a few things catching my eye lately. The cream and navy look awesome together too.

  5. Great outfit - I'm a big lover of navy too! The bangs look great on you, they really suit you!