June 9, 2014

Sprummer Day 1 - Broken Promises

At the end of 2013, I made a New Year's resolution not to acquire any new clothes (with a few important exceptions).  While I keep my word faithfully and hold promises in high regard, I broke this resolution in April and feel absolutely no remorse.

Allow me to introduce Greta:

A friend invited me on a thrifting excursion and I said yes -- "for the social outing" -- which I *knew* was a tricky, tempting situation to put myself in.  I did well, SO well, trying things on for fun and playing with how things looked on my body with no expectation for purchase...basically, dress-up with a good friend.  Of course, I had to go and grab this at the end of the day; the folksy navy-and-white pattern (totally me!) caught my eye; when I touched it the airy, silky cotton, I knew I had to try it on.  And when I tried it on...

Okay, it took a little work -- repositioning straps, shortening the hem -- but the fit is spot-on and look at the twirl factor!  Plus, it even has a built-in bra.  (Not enough to go jogging in or anything, but adequate for a wedding reception dance party in a non-Lindy crowd.)  The mister approves of the, um, torso fittage, and I feel both utterly lascivious and totally girl-next-door.  If my hair were long enough, I'd put it in milkmaid braids...and then model for pinups.  (Again.  I was Miss July, once upon a time.)  Hence, Greta -- mostly sweetness and simplicity, with a touch of va-va-voom.

(Lest Joan and Greta make you think otherwise -- no, I don't name all my dresses.  Only certain ones, that are really worth it.  Besides, they really name themselves.)

Hair disheveled post-spin, sidelong glances and oh-so-pleased-with-myself I look even remotely sorry?  Yeah, I'm totally not.  And I am perfectly okay with that.  Consider that resolution well and truly broken, with pleasure.

Go to Deanna's and play along with the fun!


  1. that dress looks absolutely STUNNING on you. I would have bought it first thing as well!

    awesome find!

  2. I love the pattern of that dress, and the cut is very flattering on you! I'm also on a loose no-buying season right now but I think something like that helps you truly realize when something is WORTH buying! :)

  3. Greta would have been an impossible pass!!! That dress is stunning on you!!!

  4. Greta is stunning! (and also a potential name for owsley had he been a girl.)

    you look gorgeous. also, dress up without glasses is my current favorite thing. :)

  5. GORGEOUS! But then, you already knew that. :) A perfect summer dress, and an even more perfect summer dress for YOU.

  6. This is absolutely gorgeous on you, really gives you an incredible hourglass figure!