June 4, 2014

Hello Again!

After nearly four months in scrubs, I'm back!  Back to wearing cute work clothes and not being paranoid about contaminating the sterile field.  Back to caring what my hair and face look like because they're not covered by a mask and hairnet every day.  Back from surgery, and never to return!

(Just kidding, I have one month of surgery next spring.  I get to choose who I'm working with, though, which helps.  I am SO OVER surgeons!)

There some changes on the horizon.  We've got the Sprummer Fashion Week coming up, in which I'll debut a new haircut and quite possibly the cutest accessory of the season.  For now, though, I want to enjoy a rare Really Good Hair Day in its pre-trim form, immortalized forever on the internet.

The clothes are all thrifted.  The necklaces were both gifts.  The red glass pendant came with matching earrings, and was a wedding gift.  Is that weird?  It seems a little odd to have gotten a wedding present so obviously intended for only one party.  Though, the mister likes the necklace, and how it 'fits,' so I guess everyone's happy with the situation?

 Come back and play next week for Fashion Week!  You know those are always a blast.  =)

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  1. ooh, I love that over-piece. So cute :) glad you are back. and hugs.