April 25, 2014

Spring Cleaning

Here in the California version of Phenotype: fabulous, we've been getting spring-like weather for several months know.  (Sorry, not trying to brag!)  However, it's only recently that I've been bit by the freshen-up bug that prompts a thorough spring cleaning.  The last several purges have been offered back to the thrift stores that have been so good to me, so this time I offer it to you!

I've got the sizing and content as described on the label, and also a little about how it fits, to give some better sizing estimates.  These days, I'm a *curvy* pear/hourglass, dress size 8-10 and 5'6" tall.  

Cami, M (fits like medium )
Cotton crochet tunic/mini-dress, with awesome belled elbow-length sleeves.  Lined in the body.  Lining stops at upper thigh, crochet hits mid-lower thigh.

AA Studio AA, size 12 (fits like 8-10)
A heavier-weight poly/rayon blend knit, more substantial than jersey tees but not quite ponte.  Side gathers on left with tie (loose in picture).  Incredibly comfy.  Mid-thigh length, came to a few inches above my knees.

George, 4 (fits like 6-8)
I *love* the abstract, brushstroked floral pattern.  Cool notched neckline, self belt.  100% cotton with blended lining.  Fairly fitted bodice, nearly-full-circle skirt, hits just below knee length.

no label, 2 (fits loose on 2-4, fitted on 6-8)
Oh man.  This blazer is SUPER cute.  Light grey wool blend, great belled elbow sleeves.  It made me feel very Victorian with its cropped, fitted form, like a riding jacket.  Would be a great base for a steampunk costume.  Needs a somewhat smaller bust than mine.   

Banana Republic, M (fits like small-medium)
Gauzy lightweight 100% cotton blouse with polka dots of heavier bits woven in.  Hook-and-eye up the front, elastic at [high] waist.  Could use a dye bath, the white is showing its age -- I have a suspicion that the dots won't dye as intensely as the rest, which will be fun.  On a sentimental note, this is the blouse I wore to interview for medical school (aww, so long ago!)

no label (fits like medium) 
Looking closely at this one, I think it's handmade -- and it's essentially reversible to its grey-brown lining, since the seams are contained.  Tunic-minidress on me, hits at upper thigh.

If you're interested in any of these, speak up!  I'll want to work something out for shipping, but am giving away the clothes.  On a related note, there are also several pairs of shoes that I'm purging.  However, since I put more into my shoes and pretty much only get Nice Things, those *are* being listed for sale on eBay (along with some other stuff).  Check it out, if you're so inclined.  I ship anywhere in the US and will be happy to toss in some of these garments too!

Anyone else cleaning out the closet these days? Any buried treasures? I-Can't-Believe-I-Ever-Wore-That embarrassments?  Spring wishlists?  I broke my No New Clothing resolution (but am being redeemed on a technicality), but it is *so* worth it -- I'll show you next time!


  1. wow, you have tiny feet! I'm a 9 :)

    lovely clothes, but I'm a size 10! I love that green dress, but doubt it would fit! :)

  2. Don't write it off! I've finally conceded that I'm too short-waisted for that dress, but at 39-29-41 it's definitely the right size, with a little wiggle room.

    I've got low-end-of-average feet, but definitely small for my height. I attribute it yo years of essentially foot binding in competitive Irish dance...though, my sister doesn't have that issue. It's probably genetics -- I'm an amusing mix of short & round (hello, short-waisted!) from one side with tall & lean from the other (my 5'9" sister and I have the same inseam, and she's substantially taller than I).

  3. I wish the grey blazer would fit me, since I might be in need of a steampunk costume this fall! I think it would be too big though, and not have the right shape for my costume.

    Closet purges feel so good. :) Can't wait to see what you got!