September 29, 2014

The Unintentional Capsule Wardrobe

This is my closet in its entirety right now:

It consists of: an entirely unnecessary lab coat, three pairs of pants (plus workout capris), one skirt, one formal dress (for a family wedding next weekend), three dressy-casual dresses, a long-sleeved sweater, two short-sleeved sweaters, two cardigans, a track jacket, two button-up blouses, a tunic blouse, three short-sleeved blouses, four or five casual tees, and four pairs of shoes (one not pictured), as well as necessary underbits.

While I have been continuing a slow closet purge, this capsule collection is still only a fraction of what I own and came about rather unintentionally -- I'm living and working in Texas for a month, and thus only have access to an abridged wardrobe.  Putting it together (the night before traveling, of course) was a bit stressful, trying to accommodate the necessary business casual dress code with Central Texas climate in garments I possessed...but I'm quite pleased with the end result: mostly neutrals (black, khaki, denim, chambray, cream), paired with light warms (mustard yellow, coral, rusty orange) and deep blues (cobalt, navy).

Dress: Old Navy

I've got to admit, the limited selection is actually quite refreshing.  I'm definitely the type to be overwhelmed with too many options; selecting the garments when packing initially felt constricting, but now paring it down so that I can literally see everything at once is very freeing in the morning.  

Getting comfortable with a substantially-limited clothes selection is important for more than just this month, too, because...well...

Yup, that's a baby bump!  I'm currently 16 weeks along and loving it.  About a week ago, I went from "Sure, I can probably get another couple weeks out of my pants" to "Haha, NOPE!" literally overnight.

I'm hoping to be more present these next 5+ months than I've been in the previous -- I think balancing a constantly-changing body with a limited closet will be a fun challenge, and of course there are belly photos to take!

Charlotte colored her hair, and I'm growing another person -- any big changes for you?  Do share!


  1. Baby bummmmmp!! You're right, you DID pop out overnight! That's the cutest baby bump I've seen, right there. Can't wait to see more of it, and maternity clothes too!