September 28, 2014

Skirtember #4

Busy, busy weekend at our household!  On Saturday, we were lucky enough to attend TWO weddings.  Friends from church got married in the Chicago suburbs; they had a late morning/early reception wedding, so we were able to leave their reception early, drive back to Milwaukee, and catch our other friends' reception.  It was just perfect the way it worked out!  Our friends from the first wedding are Indian (groom) and Chinese-American (bride), so there were lots of cultural traditions and traditional dress.  (So many gorgeous saris.)  And our friends from the second wedding had a 14 piece band for the reception!  A lovely time was had by all.

Here is my double duty wedding attire...

Shirt:  Clothing swap
Skirt/shoes:  Goodwill
Hair clip (can't see it):  Kohls

How could I pass up on these $5 red pumps from Goodwill?!  I'm not used to wearing high heels though, so these were a challenge to wear throughout the day.  I brought flats to change into for dancing at the second reception!

My Sunday outfit was for church, grocery shopping and a low key lunch at Jordan's parents house.

Everything's a hand-me-down!  I found the boots (which are brown... I didn't realize the camera setting was still in black and white) in the costume bucket at my parent's house.  They could have been my mom's... or maybe my grandma's,  I really don't know.  But they don't seem quite that old.  

Skirtember is done?!  Whaaaaat?

... Or is it???

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