June 12, 2014

Sprummer Day 4 -- Proportion Play

The clinic where I've been working lately has a no-white-coats rule, and I've got to say, I really like it.  It means that rather than just trying to look professional, it's worth it to put some effort into dressing cute, because it's actually visible.  It also means I get to wear things, like this majorly-dolman-sleeved sweater, that simply wouldn't work worn under a lab coat.

Sweater: thrifted | Pants: thrifted | Sandals: Chinese Landry, thrifted | Necklace: gift

I can never figure out what color this sweater is (disclosure: I'm slightly colorblind).  Is it grey?  Lavender?  A kind of putty-taupe?  No idea.  It does go well with the wall, though.

This is a new type of silhouette for me.  It doesn't do the things I'm used to or address my usual style priorities.  It's fun, though, to push those boundaries a little, to play with proportion and shape and emphasis in ways that differ from my MO.

You know the drill...Sprummer Fashion Week!  Let's go give everybody some love.  =)


  1. I completely forgot about the Sprummer Fashion Week! Woe is me. But luckily, I have lots of free time to catch up on all the posts! Yours is the first I saw... lucky me. :)

    Yes, that sweater's color IS hard to define. Jordan has some pairs of pants like that - green? brown? grey? hm. But I think this look is an excellent example "business casual"! The pants look like they're hemmed to the perfect length.

  2. Whatever color it is, that sweater is amazing!!! It looks great with your pants and peep-toes: very flirty, fun professional.

  3. i really love that matter what color it might be. :)