June 14, 2014

Sprummer Day 6 -- Pseudo Summer Camp

Such fun thus far for sprummer fashion week!  I really like seeing everyone in their warm-weather best.  Today, here at Phenofab we're living up casual Saturday.  No professional dress, no obligations, just some grocery shopping and enjoying the beautiful day outside.

Shirt: Colombia, thrifted | Shorts: Eddie Bauer, thrifted | Shoes: Merrell, via eBay 

The combination of the button-up with rolled sleeves (it's one with fancy sun protection, too, which is awesome 'cuz I sunburn just thinking about going outside) paired with shorts, moccasins, and a ponytail (it's runty, but it's there!) makes me feel like a summer camp counselor.

My shoes are part of Merrell's barefoot line.  I've been intentionally working toward minimal footwear for over a year, you've got to have your foot strong enough to not hurt yourself, but I *love* them.  It's like wearing jazz dance slippers, they fit my feet like a second skin.  Plus, I can feel everything -- did you know that 25% of the muscles and bones in your body are from your ankle down?  And that the palms of your hands and soles of your feet have the most nerve endings per surface area?  That's a ton of information about the world you're interacting with that you're just not getting if you're wearing stiff shoes all the time!  =)

You know the drill -- head over to Delirious Rhapsody, drop your thanks to Deanna and cheer on everyone participating!


  1. I just had a while comment written and I swiped the wrong way and it disappeared. :/

    Ok, first- you do not look like any camp counselor I've ever seen. I love the pop of color from your shorts and the sun protection factor and cut if that top. They look great together.

    My husband wears 5 finger shoes and says it has built some muscle in his feet and legs- so you ever wear those?

    1. Short answer: No, not quite.

      Long answer: I have yet to find FFs (five-fingers) that fit my feet well, as my feet are shaped in ways that most shoes are not. These Merrells are similarly minimal to FFs in terms of sole construction, and actually arguably even more because they don't have the added structure (however soft or stretchy) that comes with individual toe compartments. Wearing them and standing and walking a lot *does* use muscles that are underused in "normal" shoe-wearing, sitting-all-the-time lifestyles.

      TL;DR: I wear Merrells for the same reasons people wear FFs, but the FFs just don't work for me.

  2. Oh fun! I've been wanting to try out those shoes, I hear they are great for your feet! Also I love the color of your shorts!!

    1. They are good -- *if* you've prepared. If you just jump into minimalist footwear without graduating yourself down (shorter and shorter heels to just flats; increasinly flexible soles and less-restrictive toe boxes) you are setting yourself up for injury. *Especially* if you're doing the running-in-barefoot-shoes thing, rather than just walking (my preference).

  3. I get the camp counselor vibe, even if I didn't initially see it myself. That plaid shirt is so -you-, and it's cool that it protects you from the sun! Bonus! Also, I haven't seen you in a lot of pink, but I love those shorts on you. They're a beautiful shade.

  4. i think this outfit is so much fun! (i feel like a camp counselor when i pair khaki shorts with anything plaid.) i adore the length and color of your shorts.