March 3, 2013

Pattern Mixing x Three

I have worn this outfit three times in the past six days.  This was a week of exams, leaving very little brain power for anything else -- when you find something that works, you run with it.

Occasions: 1) studying at home  2) exams & studying at school  3) churching

This is also a [kind-of] three-way pattern mixing, too -- I was drawn to the bright poppy colors and large-scale floral print (#1) of this dress, and especially how the impressionistic rendering is very much ikat (#2) in style.  Then, top it off (bottom it off?) with the argyle tights (#3).  The brown oxfords are a recent thrift score, and I was quite pleased to find that they color-match well with the tights, which I've had for ages.

Dress: thrifted | Jacket: thrifted | Tights: Kohl's | Shoes: thrifted

To be completely honest, it wasn't exactly the same outfit each time -- the second day I was cold, so I had a green sweater over the dress & under the jacket, and today was gloriously springy, so the dark tights & oxfords were swapped for cropped leggings and crochet skimmers.  Still, variations on a theme, which is now one of my favorite outfits.

We've talked about repeating outfits before, but what about tweaks?  What do you do with your favorite ensembles -- wear 'em strictly the same each time, or change things up a little?

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