November 28, 2012

What I've Been Wearing: Fall

Shirt & leggings: Kohls
Skirt:  Goodwill
Scarf & hat:  gifts
Shoes (not pictured):  TOMS

On the cusp of winter, I've been looking back, at my outfits from this fall.
These past few months, I've been gravitating towards:

* Not pants.  At some point in October, I decided I was so over pants.  I still wear them to work, and occasionally when tights seem like a feat, but I really made an effort to wear skirts.  They're just more comfortable, less restricting.  Jeans, especially non-stretchy ones, end up bunching up uncomfortably when you're trying to be cozy.  No thanks.

* Neutrals.  I've enjoyed pairing neutrals with a pop of color, or an overall subdued color palette.  In the past, I've written this off as boring.  But, it's more like a challenge.  How can I make this modern?  What will elevate this from boring to classic?  I like adding layers, tights, boots or patterns to make it fresh.

* Digging deeper into my closet, a.ka. "waiting a really long time to do laundry".  I like watching my favorite items go into the basket, leaving me with my more un-used items.  It's a puzzle, trying to pair items, and mix-and-match things.  It's more of a success when you've pieced together a fun outfits with items you don't normally wear.

What has your fashion looked like this fall?


  1. I too love it when I have to dig through my closet and wear something I wouldn't normally wear. Makes me try new (or really old) things. I love that skirt! Such a great color.

    As for my fall style, well until a week ago, it wasn't even cool. My style has basically been jeans and tshirts. This past week though, I have been rather excited about adding some long sleeves into the mix.

  2. your "not pants" as the first thing on the list amused me, as "NO PANTS!" in a fairly common exclamation in our household. =)

    i, too, have worn lots of skirts/dresses. i've done lots of experimenting, as well. and, i have green pants, and they pretty much rock my world.

  3. Love this picture....and your , especially the skirt. I have a hot wife.