November 7, 2012


Since katie and lyn have both posted about working colors into their outfits, I thought I should chime in.

FACT:  I have only recently been opened up to mixing colors.

Excluding my 90's-era elementary-aged "fashion" (I rocked the oversized sweatshirt like there was no tomorrow), I've stayed within normal color parameters.  I knew what matched and what didn't, and stayed far away from the didn't.  Black and brown, mixing bright colors, even introducing a new color into an outfit:  no. no. no.

Honestly, it was Fall Fashion Week that really helped me explore new fashion choices.  The women who participated were so encouraging, supportive and creative that I felt inspired to make new fashion choices, one of them being colors.

Shirt:  hand-me-down
Skirt:  Forever 21
Leggings:  Kohls
Socks:  Smartwool
Boots:  Merrell, from REI
Hat:  Gift, from Forever 21

As this outfit shows, I'm still fairly moderate with my color mixing.  But only a year or two ago, I would have never thought purple and green would be in my outfit, at the same time!

Have your fashion choices changed in the past few years?


  1. i am jealous of your smartwool knee socks. =) also, whatever your hair is doing here (little buns? scrumply ponytail?) is *adorable* with that hat. it's almost a '20s cloche hairstyle, and then your 'coif goes "but we have to be me! WE MUST CURL!" (excuse the weird single-plural pronouning there, please.)

    nice job with the colors, too! i never would have guessed you don't mix 'em -- i guess, with a base of neutrals, it doesn't take much to make it work.

    i think the most dramatic change in my fashion choices has been in the past year, when i learned/decided that i want to wear skirts or dresses much of the time. not necessarily dressed up, but not just jeans ad nauseum. also that i want to be intentional about what i'm wearing each day, even if it *is* a jeans-and-tee day. i remember doing kind of the same thing in high school -- where i could get away with "i want to dress like a hippie fairy princess and wear the crown from my dance costume to school today" (true story! 10th grade), but that was kind of for effect, or more like trying on different identities. college was all about convenience. =) and now, it's...aspirational authenticity? i wear what i like because i like how it makes me feel (comfortable, capable, feminine, strong, however), and i dress a notch above the unofficial day-to-day dress code of a graduate or medical student because, like i said in the first post, it puts me in the mindset to learn. it's empowering and encouraging (and that's why i wear my favorite lingerie, rather than comfy workhorse underbits, on exam days). =)

    1. I was very pleased with how my hair turned out too! I just tucked the ends under the hat, and pinned them down, so not really a bun or a ponytail.

      I like how introspective you are on your clothing choices and how they've changed. I know that for many girls, it makes a difference in confidence when you wear something that makes you feel empowered - hence my post on confidence! If lacy underpinnings are your thing, then you rock it! :)