November 4, 2012

[Student] Doctor Kate

A few times a month, we have labs (or in this case, an exam!) where we have to dress up, don our white coats, and act as the physicians for actors who come in to play the roles of our patients.  My nametag has my given name on it, while "katie" is my handle in daily, informal situations, but I have taken to mentally calling myself "Kate" when in professional garb.  "Kate" is my alter-ego, my ideal professional self, who stays cool under pressure and can pull together clinical know-how while staying present with and attentive to the patient.  

Occasion: pretending to be a doctor

I've got a long way to go before the real me is close to the Kate that I hope to be, but until then I can still dress the part.  Professional attire in my cohort is oh-so-conservative -- I haven't seen any of my other classmates don colored tights, but I do like that rich jade green and with everything else in inoffensive black and grey, why not?

Dress: thrifted | Cami: thrifted | Belt: Target | Tights: Target | Shoes: Naya via db shoes | Earrings: gift from the mister | Necklace: Kohls | White coat: courtesy of OPSC

Kate katie


  1. Fabulous tights, awesome shoes, and you are rocking that belt! I think this outfit is perfect for Doc. Kate. It's professional and grown-up, but still so you. While you would still look cute dressed in charcoals and blacks, it wouldn't be expressive of yourself. I'm glad you found a way to be katie and Kate at the same time!

  2. Love your tights! Great color and great design on them.