November 1, 2012

healthy addictions.

winter is coming. dun dun duuuuun.
i personally like winter, though, for these two reasons: i get to wear scarves and sweaters.
like this:

sweater: H&M
scarf: Studio 890 Hair Salon
tank top: Target
jeans: Delia's
this sweater is super soft and remind me of ron weasley from harry potter. he wears maroon quite frequently. this scarf is also super soft and i basically wear it every day.
comfiness (and yes, that is a word) is my main priority with clothing. why would you want to wear something that doesn't make you feel good?
i also have to admit, i have a problem.
i have a shoe obession. and guys, it's bad.
but how can i pass up the opportunity to buy these cute shoes?

shoes: Wet Seal

i mean, come on. polka dots with wicked green laces? i have no regrets.
hope you have had a happy halloween and stay warm!


  1. snuggly-cozy-comfiness is *definitely* a priority -- and one of the major perks of fall and winter!

    i really like all your cozy colors...maroon, navy, and grey are favorites of mine, and while they seem kind of somber together in the spring and summer, come autumn the combination is juuuuuust right. =)

  2. p.s. i totally have a shoe problem, too. polka dots on your feet are a wonderful thing. i bought a pair once with polka dots AND ladybugs on only regret is that they were always a bit too small. =)

  3. tee hee, I'm a witness - you do wear this scarf a lot!

    The Stro girls all have a shoe problem. But that's okay, because then we can trade some shoe goodies.