October 12, 2013

Fall Fashion Week!

First, I just want to say that I LOVE the move to October for FFF.  While it's still warmer than my heart wants, at least it smells like fall.  September is still half summer, after all.

This is my take on one of those photos that used to float around on Pinterest a lot.  I love the rich color and luscious feel of these burgundy corduroy shorts, but they've always seemed too rich for summer.  I wore them with tights (usually with boots, not heels) for a few years, and now I see that all over the place!  Never expected to be ahead of a trend.  =)  The tights also make me feel comfortable wearing shorts to church, like I did with this outfit.

Shirt: Ross | Shorts: Anthropologie | Shoes: Fluevog, via eBay | Scarf: made by me! | Tights: ??

These are my neutral, skin-tone heels, but I love wearing them over contrasting tights to show off that super-sweet crossed strap action.  Surprisingly, this is a splurge-y outfit for me -- while nothing was full price, it was all new, nothing thrifted.  Not my usual MO.  That said, I've got a theme going on for this week, let's see how soon you can figure it out!  =)

It's always exciting to be part of a fashion week.  Go over to Deanna's place and see what everyone else is up to!


  1. i haven't worn tights with shorts since i was seven. (not poking fun of you, but it just brought back a ton of old memories.) they look great on you though. i don't think i own a pair of shorts that would look good with tights, maybe if i had a darker pair like you do. but this is a fun outfit, and much more kid friendly than wearing a dress and tights and chasing them around.

  2. I want to wear tights with shorts one of these days this fall, though I'm pretty sure my husband will say it looks weird. He says that about most of what I wear, though, so it's not something to be highly concerned about.

  3. your shoes! And that scarf! You rock it!

  4. I love the shots with tights. Also, I love that scarf!

    Judy @

  5. Shorts and tights? Yes, please! what a great outfit!

  6. Dang. Way to be ahead of the trend! Shorts with tights is such the thing now. I should have known it was stolen from you. ;)

    I like how the straps of your shoes pop against the dark color of your tights. It shows off your fantastic choice in footwear.

    I can't wait to see your theme!

  7. I love the shorts with tights look. I see a lot of ladies rockin' it, but I have yet to do it myself. You look great, so maybe I'll attempt it soon!

  8. Shorts over tights! Shorts over tights! That's my favorite! I just broke my shorts but I can't wait to get a new pair and look fab like Katie.