October 13, 2013

Dress Like a Boy

This is basically my husband's work "uniform": plaid button-up (usually blue), khakis, and brown oxfords.  Heck, even our glasses are similarly-colored half-rims.  He doesn't do the cat-eyes, though, and he definitely isn't rocking curves like these.

This made for a good work outfit on those early-October-is-actually-the-nicest-(read:-hottest)-times-of-the-year-in-Berkeley days, when professionalism dictates coverage and thermo-self-regulation demands some exposed skin.  Mornings are getting now to be a bit too chilly to leave ankles uncovered, but these have definitely been my workhorse work pants all summer and through the early fall.

Blouse: H&M | Khaki crops: J. Crew, thrifted | Oxfords (shiny!): thrifted | Belt: thrifted

I am hoping to get a long-sleeve blue gingham shirt at some point, but thus far I haven't found any where I like the fit.

Getting my apple jacks on.  I was hoping for something animated GIF-able, but alas. 

Let's see what Deanna & co have going on for the rest of Fall Fashion Week, shall we?


  1. Apple jacks kick my butt, though not nearly as much as Suzy Qs. My brain cannot comprehend Suzy Qs.

    I love that Matt was the inspiration for this outfit. How adorable. I don't even know what an outfit "inspired" by Jordan would look like! Do you ever match out in public?

    1. Shorty Georges are the killer ones for me. Oy.

      I don't think we ever specifically match (though his favorite dress of mine and my favorite shirt of his are both blue gingham), but sometimes we'll both be wearing something like jeans, a fleece, and Chaco sandals (which he introduced me to), and I'll be all yeah...we totally go together. Plus, he hasn't cut his hair in nearly a year, so we're pretty much at hair parity now, except he also has a [fabulously attractive] beard.

  2. your top is awesome!

    and you are rocking those glasses. not everyone can pull those off, but they look great on you.

  3. I love an androgynous look sometimes too, but this is such a feminine take- and super cute! Great outfit!

  4. Ah! How did you find such a flattering fit for that top?! Those types of shirts always look boxy on me. You look just darling! Kinda like an action figure for a young working woman :)