October 14, 2013

Pumpkin Spice

You gals are all just the best.  Have you *seen* the love everyone is pouring out on each other?  It's a total feel-good fest all up in Fashion Week. 

Truthfully, I have yet to imbibe pumpkin spice anything this autumn season (shocking!), but it seemed like the right name for this outfit.   


I love that skirt.  It looks all stiff and woolen, but it's actually very soft, and nubbly.  Can't go wrong with the bias cut, either -- hangs like a straight skirt, but lets you walk.

Blouse: thrifted | Necklace: clothing swap | Skirt: thrifted | Shoes: Clarks

Not much more to say about this, it's a pretty standard work outfit.  Though, I must mention that it is exhausting having to dress like a professional adult  I can't decide if that's made better or worse by the fact that I have limited options, with two pairs of dress pants and two, maybe three pairs of shoes that don't kill my feet to be standing all day.  I know nurses wear those so-ugly-but-everyone's-in-scrubs-anyway Dansko clogs; how do teachers and other who walk all day do it, without resorting to sneakers?

Mirror crud, sorry, but it shows so nicely most of the colors in the skirt.  Perfect for autumn, with a pumpkin spice whatsitcalled...

I hope you haven't gotten your fall fashion fix yet, because there's a whole lot more happening and the party's at Deanna's.  Have fun!


  1. When I was in cosmetology school and standing and walking all day long, I bought a pair of black Clark's brand and on the inside, verged on comfort shoes for 80 year old, but on the outside looked professional and not nearly as ugly as Danskos (though the new danskos are getting a little prettier. A little). I like Clark's brand for comfy and not-too-ugly shoes!

  2. Daaaarling! Just love that you know the name of a skirt cut. I would have to wave my hands around to explain to anyone what type of fit I'm looking for. And that's a PERFECT blend of professional and chic. Well done, lady.

  3. I love the colors in your skirt! It sings fall! And you necklace is so drape-y (is that a word), I adore it!

    I also love the slight gathers on your shirt.

  4. That color is one of my favorites and looks so great in you! What a great outfit!

  5. i love your skirt! and your top definitely screams out fall. the color looks great on your skin tone. :)

  6. You definitely look like fall! I love it :)

  7. This is so funny. I have a "pumpkin spiced" outfit planned for later in the week (already have the picture, just need to post). I wasn't planning on calling it that, but I might just have to.

    The top is lovely on you. I wouldn't have guessed it would look good, if I saw it on the rack, but I really like it on!

    Also, to answer the shoe question - flats/TOMS. And yes, sneakers - I have three pairs of Converse, but I put insoles in them. I think we can be more casual. But I know of other med students who wear nicer sneakers.