September 4, 2013

Tough Decisions

Style-minded internet, I need your help.  I'm trying to chose between two pairs of shoes. 

One is a pair I own but have never worn, a recent acquisition and my treat to myself for passing boards.  They are beautiful shoes, but not quite everything I'd hoped they'd be, and I've been on the fence about keeping them.

The other pair I have just discovered today, a fun new colorway of a style I've been keeping an eye on for a while.

The first pair is from a brand known for high quality.  It is leather, and the saturated jewel tones are absolutely luscious in person.  However, my foot is short and wide whereas the shoe is...not; while I have the correct size, the fit is sub-optimal.  The t-strap part bulges out from my foot rather than pulling taut (skinny ankles, maybe? never had this fit issue before...), and the heel, while one of my favorite heights, is higher than I'm willing to do more than a few times per month.  I also already have a favorite pair in a similar rusty tone and heel height, and I just don't think these beauties would get the wear they should.

The second pair I have only seen online.  While I've seen the brand pop up across the style internet and my swing dancing friends' wishlists, I have never handled a pair in person and do not know what to expect for quality, or how comfortable they'll be.  It is synthetic, not real leather, and I definitely prefer natural materials.  But look how cute!  I've been actively bringing that deep teal into my wardrobe, and I think these fun, quirky shoes would totally liven up an otherwise conservative, unremarkable professional outfit.  The lower heel, while still higher than I'll do day-to-day on my feet in clinic, is totally workable on a weekly-ish rotation.  I am enamored with the sweet color, adorable round toe, and two-tone styling...did I mention how cute they are?

Writing this out, I recognize that I'm 85% sure I want to return the t-straps and snag a pair of the mary janes, but I'm second-guessing myself.  Especially with shoes, I'm leery of bringing something into my collection without being assured of its quality/value.  So I am asking you, what would you do?  Which shoes should I pick?   


  1. I like the second pair :P Let us know what you chose and how you style them!!

  2. I'd pick the 2nd ones. I think they're going to suit you and your wardrobe perfectly!

  3. The first pair is BEAUTIFUL, but I think you're right. Reading this, I think you already know the answer. For you, the second pair seems to fit better in your wardrobe and lifestyle. A pair of shoes that you're second guessing will never get the wear they deserve, and a pair that you might enjoy more might make you oh-so-happy.

  4. They're both gorgeous, but yeah, a pair of shoes that isn't comfortable and doesn't fit right typically means you won't enjoy them as much as you should!