August 1, 2013

Working It

My First Day

Friends, I have officially entered the realm of Productive Adult Members of Society.  I may still be making absolutely no money and paying well for the privilege, but now no one mistakes me for a stay-at-home mom, I am a regular rush-hour commuter (three cheers for carpools and the reverse commute!), and when I get home the mister asks me, "How was work?"

I just started in a pediatrics clinic.  We don't wear our white coats -- White Coat Anxiety is a real thing, and I imagine even freakier for little kids -- and my boss introduces me as "Doctor" because it's simpler and more impressive.  I have no idea what I am doing, but I will happily dress the part.

 Blouse: Kohl's, thrifted | Cropped trousers: J.Crew, thrifted | Shoes: REI

Somewhat surprisingly, the award for Professional Wardrobe MVP goes to my trouser crops, both these and the ones I hacked up myself.  Love my dresses, but they're more memorable and I don't want to wear skirts every day, and two months of furiously desperate studying/nervous breakdowns/stress eating left my other trousers all a little tight.  These feel just right for the balmy temps, and let me wear cute summery shoes without tripping over longer hems. 

I also finally(!) found a mousse that makes my hair do the curl thing the way I want it to.  Surprisingly, it's designed for "mixed hair" -- the unique hair types & challenges found in girls of mixed race, which I am definitely not.  Still, can't argue with success.

Snagged these awesome flats at REI recently.  I'd been pining for similar grey wedges for a while, but by the time I heard about them they no longer existed, so finding these made me very happy (and even better, on sale!).  The bright woven ethnic textile reminds me of when I lived in Peru, and they have the best arch support I've ever found in ballet flats.  All in all, a fun way to liven up professional-able garb.

What does your work-wear look like, now that we're rolling into the dog days of summer?

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  1. wow, you look really professional! :) I would find it an honor to be a stay at home mom through, thats one of my dreams, along with writing a book and owning my own sewing business :P

    Have fun at your new job! And the whole white coat thing is true!