July 18, 2013

Summer wardrobe

Whew, it's been awhile!  I've backed away from blogging for a bit, and unfortunately, my fashion posts fell by the wayside.  But I wanted to pop back in to share one of my typical summer outfits.  This post was thought of on the fly, so it's complete with segmented I-phone pictures.  You're welcome.

Items Necessary for a Perfect Summer Outfit:

Beanie (a gift):  Summer in Wisconsin means humidity.  Curly hair with humidity means frizz.  To control the masses, and allow you to be in public without taking a shower - a beanie to the rescue!  Cuter than a baseball cap, and less obnoxious than a sunhat, it's an ideal all-season accessory.  

T-shirt (purchased at a concert):  The perfect summer t-shirt is more of a challenge than it appears.  The fabric needs to be lightweight.  It can't be too tight, causing it to cling, but too loose leans towards looking disheveled.  Once found, the perfect summer t-shirt should be treated with the upmost respect and care.

Jean shorts (Goodwill):  Skirts are cuter, but shorts are safer.  No wardrobe mishaps here!
(Iced coffee is always a welcome accessory.)

Shoes (Wal-Mart):  I prefer closed toed shoes.  I've gotten used to them, since I have to wear them for work, but I wear them more frequently outside of work as well.  There's less risk of them slipping off your foot, and typically more support for your sole as well.

What are go-to items in your summer wardrobe?


  1. super cute :) glad to hear from you in the blog world! Speaking of walmart, I buy a new pair of shoes there every year and wear them out! Usually flip flops!

  2. That Mumford short is amazing! I love this look!

  3. My summer wardrobe philosophy is this: wear as few articles of clothing as possible. To this end, last summer, I went on a Goodwill trip specifically with the purpose of finding sundresses that require no bra. On the hottest days, two pieces of clothing is ENOUGH. The sandals and sunhat go on only when we leave the house. And always, always sunglasses.

  4. At first I was wondering about a beanie being part of a summer wardrobe because I would think it would make your head more warm...but with the curly hair it was sense. I tend to just start chopping my hair off in the summer. So far I've successfully resisted the urge this year.

  5. I had an iced coffee recently (decaf, 'cuz that's how my allergies roll) that had coconut milk in it. It was perfection -- provided a touch of sweet and that summery, tropical taste without drowning the coffee or needing a drink umbrella. It made me think of you. =)