December 12, 2012

Winter fashion statements

Due to it being a mind-meltingly difficult week last week, I missed katie's winter challenge.
But better late than never!

Wisconsin is known for its long, hard winters.  Scarves, hats, mittens and thick coats are necessities; sometimes, you can be bundled up well into April.

Since you spend so much time in this thick layers, why not use them to make a statement?
Step away from the basic black coat!
Dig out those Nordic patterns!
Accessorize with a brightly colored scarf!

Winter is dull enough as it is.  No need to make it worse by pulling on something ho-hum.  If you need to be battling the elements, best put your best foot forward.

I fully embraced this philosophy in 2010, when I bought this yellow coat on eBay.  It doesn't fail to make me smile, and feel sunshiny on the bleakest days.

Coat:  eBay
Scarf:  H&M, in Germany
Mittens:  Ragstock

Do you have winter accessories that brighten your day?


  1. Love the color! But you knew that already! :)

  2. Yep! That yellow coat is fantastico. So bright and warm in chilly weather.

  3. Yay! I like that coat. Your scarf and mittens are so cheery, too.

    My daily WI winter coat is red, but despite the color it feels more functional than fashionable; it's a snowmonster coat. My daily CA "winter" coat is black, but it's lined with minky (WHICH IS THE MOST WONDERFUL SUBSTANCE ON EARTH) and so I forgive it. =) My "nice" winter coat is a vintage wool one, long and heavy and luscious, in a rich brown. All of my other warmly bits are a riot of color, though, duh. =)