December 16, 2012

Holiday Party - Help!

Here's the deal:

I decided I needed a swanky-fun party to dress up for, preferably one involving [swing] dancing.  Amazingly, I found just such a party, featuring one of our favorite local bands.  Now, I can't decide what to wear.  Help a betty out?

Given the dress code of "vintage, cocktail, or red & green," my need to dance comfortably, and my wish to avoid my more-frequently-worn fancy bits, here's what I've come up with:

Option A:  Black lace blouse, green cami, and a lovely floaty, silky red skirt.  Oh, and that sparkly belt.  The skirt is amazing, but all the red and green makes me feel a little bit like an elf going to a ball.  Maybe a camisole in white or gold instead?

Option B:  The skirt part on this dress is stretchy, so it's great for dancing -- and while twirly skirts may be more fun on the dance floor, nothing makes you look like hot stuff better than a pencil skirt.  It's actually one of my "professional" dresses, but with the sparkly belt it's appropriately festive and retro, right? 

Option C:  Black chiffon and cotton-lace dress, sparkly red belt...I can't articulate exactly how, but this is *such* a lindy-hopper getup.  Even more so with my dancing shoes, which are white keds.   

Option D:  This feels the most vintage-reminiscent, with the black lace blouse under a sweetheart-neckline strapless dress in dark green.  This may also be The World's Most Perfect Bridesmaid Dress, as it has been worn in one wedding, as a guest to another, and for two formal parties.  (Not bad!)  The longer length gives a formality that's at odds with my shoes, though... 

So -- help!?  Thoughts?  What should I wear to my holiday bash?  What are you wearing to yours?

And now, bonus twirling picture:
Told you that skirt was amazing...


  1. This may also be The World's Most Perfect Bridesmaid Dress, as it has been worn in one wedding, as a guest to another, and for two formal parties.

    *bows* Thank you, thank you, thank you very much. ;)

    My vote is for #1. I love the lacy black top, and I think the outfit would be absolutely rocking with a gold or white top. (I don't think the green looks too elf-y, but I can see how you might think so.) I think it's the most fun choice, all glitz and glam.

  2. I vote B. Can't help it ;) ( it really is my favorite, though, too). Bit I agree with Charlotte about the first outfit, the green is absolutely not too much, but it would look very beautiful with gold, too.

  3. I agree that A would look great with gold or white underneath. I also like C. :-)

  4. What lovely outfits, and the party sounds like it was going to be a blast; hope you have a fantabulous time.
    I really like the first outfit too, with the twirly red skirt, and a white camisole would look sweet and also go gorgeously with your white dancing shoes :)

  5. FOLLOW UP -- what did you wear? :)

    1. a variation on A...i'll post a picture, at some point. =)