December 23, 2012

Festive Fashions, Take 1

The semester is over and done, and the holidays are upon us.  Time to dress festively!  There have been three occasions in the past week that were particularly fun to plan for: a church Christmas party, a theater outing, and a swingin' night on the town.

Occasion: homegroup's annual White Elephant Christmas party
Tunic: thrifted | Jeans: Kohl's | Flats: Target
The sequins smattered on the neckline and cuffs of this shirt are so sparkly, I glitter like a disco ball (and I love it!).  Also, I'm convinced that the color of these mustard-y flats goes with everything.  This was our second year at this 15+-year party, and quite a hoot -- the mister secured for himself "the Khan," a coveted recurring gift, and my contribution of a super dooper reindeer pooper (plus jelly bellies, natch) was fought over, finally ending up in the hands of a precocious preschooler. 
Dress: option C, thrifted | Jeans: Kohl's | Booties: b.o.c., thrifted | Belt: (my favorite!) thrifted | Scarf: thrifted
As an end-of-the-term treat, we got tickets to see The Lion King.  I ended up taking a six-hour exam (ugh -- but, now I'm done with my Master's!) earlier in the day, so being dressed up was a pleasant boost.  The show was amazing, and dinner beforehand particularly notable for a sighting of my little sister's favorite minor internet celebrity at the next table over.

 Occasion: dancing the night away
Lace top: Ross | Bustier: Frederick's | Skirt: thrifted | Belt: thrifted | Stockings: Modcloth | Dancing Shoes: Nature Breeze via db shoes, self-glittered
Thanks for your input for my dance party indecision!  I went with option A, but changed things up a bit: a bustier rather than a tank gave coverage while getting the bombshell feeling that the elf-y version hadn't; taking in the skirt a couple inches let it sit at my waist, rather than below it; new fancy dancing flats (that sparkle!) just make me happy; and those tights...oh, those tights.  Ladies, these stockings are major win -- really good quality, sassy and unique.  I was asked if the ribbons were tattoos, they're so convincing in person.  (And while I couldn't/wouldn't ink so much skin, I have to admit that these would be some pretty rocking tattoos.)  The band was excellent, the venue was perfect, I felt incredible in that twirly, shimmery skirt, and had a wonderful evening [swing]dancing with my handsome husband.  Swanky party = success!

I hope your world is full of so many reasons to celebrate -- may your days be merry and bright!  (And all of you who are actually getting a white Christmas, my heart is with you.  I miss it so much...)

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  1. You knocked it out of the park with these three outfits! They are all winners.

    a) LOVE the deep green of the top (but does that come as any surprise) and the dainty sparkles. And I'm with you re: mustard yellow.
    b) I want this outfit. That is all.
    c) Those tights are AWESOME. I've seen similar ones (also at a dance function) and I complimented the girl on her tattoos! Needless to say I was gushing once I found out they were tights. As we've talked about before, the only thing I'd consider tattooing would be my ring finger, but if I was the type to go all out (because I'd either have no tattoos, or a lot), ribbons on my legs would definitely be something to consider.

    Merry Christmas to you! I plan on posting again soon. I needed a little winter break.